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All of us hope to see a ton of awesome fighting and practical stunts in the upcoming DCEU, but who is preferred to be on camera when the action starts, actor or stuntman?

We've all seen Ben Affleck in his "desert bat-suit".

Ben Affleck on set as Batman
Ben Affleck on set as Batman

As well as his stuntman, snapping necks and taking names in this scene.

Presumable Affleck's stunt double
Presumable Affleck's stunt double

So my question is this: would you rather see the actor doing every fight or have the stuntman take over? Throughout the Dark Knight Trilogy we always saw Christian Bale in the suit acting out the fights, and even if the fights looked staged, at least we knew Bale was there playing the character in all regards. So when I see that Affleck's stunt double will most likely take over when it comes to the stunts and combat aspect of Batman, I become slightly disappointed.

It takes me out of the movie because I know the actor is off camera waiting to step in after the action scenes are over. I understand that Ben Affleck is 42 years old and not getting any younger, however it doesn't change the fact that I wish the guy playing Batman was the one acting out the fights as well.

Just my opinion and I'd love to hear some of your thoughts. Post them in the comments sections below and take care.


Which do you prefer in action scenes: Actor or Stuntman?


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