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Happy Halloween everyone, and to celebrate this wonderful holiday I thought I'd give one final review of a classic horror movie before going back to modern films.

Brief Spoiler Free Summary

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Basically the film is about a team of scientists in Antarctica, after discovering a gruesome scene and a crashed UFO are now in a desperate attempt to fight off an alien enemy that can morph into whatever it wants. That's all I can really say without spoiling some stuff.

The Characters

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Kurt Russell ("Furious 7", "Tango & Cash", and "Stargate") plays R.J. MacReady, and is probably my favorite character of the film. The character throughout the film turns from a simple helicopter pilot to a complete badass. I mean seriously this guy kicks major ass with his flamethrower.

Keith David ("Coraline", "Armageddon", and "Road House") plays Childs and believe it or not this is his first film...besides an uncredited role in "Disco Godfather". Overall though Keith David does a damn good job in this film and thankfully it launched his career.

Wilford Brimley ("Cocoon", "Harry & Son", and "The Firm") plays Dr. Blair and I personally believe he did a damn good job in this film. He's not the best character in the film but I still think he's an interesting and well developed character.

Donald Moffat ("The Long Days of Summer", "The West Wing", and "Clear and Present Danger") plays Garry and is probably the most underrated character in the film. He's probably my third favorite character in this movie and it's a shame people forget about him.

The Special Effects

That's all I can say about the special effects. I mean, holy shit...never have I been so disgusted and so amazed by special effects. The Thing to this day may have the best special effects I've seen in a movie, let alone horror movie.

The Cons

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The one thing I can say about this movie is that if there's any flaws or cons in it...I can't find them. This film is one of the best horror films I've ever seen and it could possibly be one of the few perfect horror films ever.

The Verdict

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Overall, see this movie if you don't have a weak stomach, because if you do have one, you're probably gonna vomit or at least feel sick. Hell I don't have a weak stomach and I still felt a little sick. Also if you wanna experience some more "The Thing" action after you see this, go watch the original 1950s film, read the 1930s story and/or play the 2004 video game...just don't watch the 2011 prequel....anything but that.

Thanks for reading and happy Halloween. For my next review I've currently debating on either "Spectre" or "The Peanuts Movie". Either way you'll get a review. My next blog will be "Ranking The Worst Adam Sandler Films"...should be fun because I gotta rewatch some of them....yay...


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