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Daniel Sharman will probably be back for season 6. Also Jeff Davis wants to finish Jackson’s story and season 6 might be a good last season for the original cast and it looks like a good story with the killers of Jackson’s parents back in Beacon Hills. Also after Season 6, they probably do a movie, with Jackson still helping the pack. With Hayden, Corey, Brett and Mason still as requiring characters. Derek and Braeden will probably move into the sunshine. In Season 7 Jackson will probably go back to London. Isaac and Chris Argent will probably go back to Paris. Lydia and Stiles will probably move to a college far away but Stiles probably will still be a requiring character to visit his best friend Scott who will move into a Derek position as the Alpha of Liam and his pack that will move away but might be back some episodes. With Kira maybe dying and Malia probably moving to college too. Also Scott will be in college but he will be close in Beacon Hills. With no words of Theo, he’ll probably move to. Brett moving to Beacon Hills. Liam more in charges with new regulars Mason, Hayden, Corey, Brett and someone new they will face some villains for season 7. What looks cool is that Stiles will still help and Lydia will be back 1 or 2 Episodes. Malia can return too. Parrish and Stilinski will still be in it a lot. With Eichen House still being a big part of Teen Wolf. And they probably have a new fanbase by then. Also Jake T. Austin who is linked a lot on Teen Wolf might get into the cast for season 7. But it doesn’t looks so bad.

Season 6:

Back into 2 story-lines. With 6A being about Jackson's parents who were killed misteriously. Jackson who moves back for a while to Beacon Hills and asks Scott for help. With Derek and Braeden moving into the sunshine. So you'll find out more about Jackson and we'll get a mature Isaac too helping Scott and Chris. It's a season like a reunion for the original cast members. With Peter his story line who will be finished in Season 6B with some new villains, Magic involved? Looks cool.

Teen Wolf movie:

Jeff and Tyler Posey talk a lot for a movie. With Stiles who might go away from Teen Wolf, it would look cool to finish the originals in a movie. Jackson helping the pack. Chris moving to Paris but Isaac still helping the pack. With a cool story. Jeff teased he wants a movie that looks worse than all Teen Wolf season's together, a 2 hour movie looks cool. The pack in action, more fights, less drama and romance, still something of it. Also looks cool to launch some movie careers for Shelley, Holland, Arden (who probably will be killed off), Cody, Dylan, Colton, Tyler, Daniel & more.

Season 7:

With Liam more in charge. Brett moving to Beacon Hills. Hayden and Corey still in it. Tracy and/or Josh maybe in it. Jake T. Austin as the new Hale? A new Argent in town. To not kill those stories. New villain. Eichen House being used. Stiles as a requiring character. Scott as a father figure to Liam and a big help.

Also new opening credits and a new theme song.

MTV hopes for Teen Wolf to have 10 Season's. With 1 million views it might go on till the movie. With also season 7 if it gets down to 500 thousend views, it might still get a season 8 and have a new fanbase, so it will probably get there.

Some people hate the idea, but 6 season's all follwoing up. The movie getting a little forward and finally stop that franchise and move into something different, is good for new watchers. And still some people will watch it (if not 75%). so don't judge it. Wait till we get there.


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