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DC is going to have a huge next year starting with Batman vs Superman, which is set to kick off their cinematic universe. Unfortunately, at times it easy to forget their rich and glorious comic book history. They have a plethora of superheroes that are insanely powerful, but there are a few that are in a league of there own. Who you may ask? Well, you came to the right place. And please be advised this is in no particular order (So don't crucify me in the comments).

10) The Flash (Wally West)

Many people have taken over the mantle as The Flash, with Jay Garrick being the first. Barry Allen is arguably the most well known, but Wally West is by far the most powerful of the Flashes. Wally can travel across time and other dimensions with his speed alone and has an incredible skill set. He rebuilt a bridge in under thirty seconds, saved 50,000 people from a nuclear explosion in under picoseconds, lent his speed to a normal human being, defeated Anti-Montior, has infinite mass punch, and even outran Death itself, yes Death! I mean the list goes on and on with mindblowing feats but of course I can't name them all or this article would be the longest article in the world. Wally West is regarded as one of the fastest beings ever to live alongside Barry Allen and is regarded by some fans to be the strongest character in the DC universe. When you look at the evidence, it's kind of hard to go against that statement. Here's to you Wally...

9) Martian Manhunter.

Martian Manhunter is no joke...seriously. Martian Manhunter is considered the "Swiss Army Knife" of superheroes as he has a variety of superpowers, similar to those of the Man of Steel himself. But you can say that his most known ability is to shape-shift and he is one of the strongest telepathic beings in the universe. His strength is almost on par with Superman as he can control his molecular structure, which supplements his strength and at one point, with the help of Wonder Woman and Superman, he was able to move the entire Earth. He is often credited by fans to be an amalgamation of Batman and Superman, having incredible detective skills and genius level intellect like Batman and having incredible strength like Superman. Martian Manhunter is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe and even the almighty Superman is on the record saying he is scared to fight Manhunter. And the image above shows you why.

8) Zatanna.

Bit of a shocker right? Well not to diehard comic book fans as Zatanna is one of the most powerful magicians in the DC canon. As tribute to her father, she casts her spells by using verbal commands backwards. Her mouth is considered a weapon which is the reason why when she is captured, her mouth is bound or gagged rendering her "powerless". No one really knows the limits of Zatanna's powers as they have never been established in the comics. Her power set is outright dangerous as she can stop time, move objects, teleport, and shoot mystical blasts. But the game-changer of her powers is no doubt her ability to alter reality; she can read the minds and erase the memories of her foes and friends but also create confusion and trauma among them. Her powers have even extended farther than that as she was able to merge Aquaman's spirit with the entire ocean and resurrected Metropolis out of ruins. Yeah, she definitely deserves a spot on this list.

7) Wonder Woman.

Who doesn't love Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman is easily one of the most powerful superheroes in DC. She has incredible fighting skill due to her being Amazonian. Her strength can rival the likes of Superman, her speed allows her to actually keep up with The Flash, and her ability to fly is on Superman's level. And let's not forget those powerful bracelets she has as they are basically indestructible which can be used to fend off powerful attacks. Wonder Woman's feats are incredible, I mean she made Superman's ears bleed (Hehehe), beat up a mob of thugs and even blocked a bullet when she lost her powers, is faster than Superman in combat, fought blind before, took down a blood-lusting Superman (who does that?), took a blast from Zeus and was unfazed, held her own against Doomsday, and was unharmed from a nuclear explosion when she stopped it. Yeah, Wonder Woman is not someone you would want to screw around with and let's not even mention her god mode in the New 52...

6) Shazam.

Shazam is a pretty powerful seriously. Billy Batson was just an average boy, until a powerful wizard known as Shazam granted him powers due to Billy's unique personality traits. His powers are named after the Greek Gods and he even inherits their god-like powers as well. Whenever Billy shouts out the word SHAZAM! he turns from a small child into a full grown superhero. Shazam doesn't get enough respect because of his similarities to Superman, but there was a point in time when he was more popular than the Boy in Blue. Shazam's power levels are outrageously high as his speed can rival The Flash's. Additionally, he is as strong as Superman thanks to the power of Hercules, has insane wisdom thanks to the power of Solomon, and has magic on his side as well. Shazam is no doubt incredibly strong and he is often compared with Superman, with many fans thinking they are on the same level, some making the argument Shazam surpasses the Man of Steel himself. I mean he did knock Superman out cold once.

5) Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson).

Doctor Fate is considered the Sorcerer Supreme of DC and is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe. His magical abilities are equal and to some degree surpass some of the other magical users in the DC world. His abilities are incredible as he is capable of time manipulation, interdimensional travel, summoning and banishing, matter manipulation, incredible strength and speed, and telepathy. With each of those abilities, Fate has been able to accomplish some otherworldly feats like being able to move a planet into the Sun with his mind, banished a demon back to Hell, feel Bruce Wayne's consciousnesses in another world, knock out an evil Superman, survive in a place of nothingness, and be unaffected by a death field. That was just a sampling of what Doctor Fate can really accomplish but being able to feel someone else's consciousnesses is downright chilling. Doctor Fate is, in lighter terms, more than just a Doctor. Oh, and did I forget to mention that he destroyed an entire universe before..yikes!

4) Captain Atom.

Nathaniel Adams was just a United States Air Force soldier serving his country until a military experiment turned him into what we call him now, Captain Atom. His metallic sliver like skin is tied to the Quantum field, which gives him the ability to absorb and manipulate energy. Captain Atom is an insanely strong character in the DC Universe and could give beings like Superman a legit run for their money. His powerset is OP(overpowered), giving him the ability to do many things that are considered godlike. He can create anything he wishes, like creating a replica of Earth with life on it. He can also blow himself like a bomb and release massive amounts of energy. What this man has done in the comics is absolutely insane like shrinking down in size to cure a little boy from cancer, runs into himself in the future and exploring his own time stream, reforming himself using the molecules of water under a bridge, and even manipulating the molecules that make up the Speed Force (Yeah, the Speed Force!). His physical strength alone can rival the likes of Superman, and the scary part about it is it may even surpass it as his strength limit is unknown.

3) Orion.

Orion, the son of Darkseid, is a member of the New Gods, and is considered the strongest out of all of them. His strength level hasn't been fully measured but he has held his own against Superman and Wonder Woman combined. Whenever he is injured or needs energy, he can just easily call upon the "Mother Box" which can restore his energy or heal him. He possesses a power named the Astro-Force which is part of Darkseid's omega beams which are capable of destroying an entire planet. Orion also has a furious rage which he often tries to bury deep within himself and ultimately tries to do good and rid evil from the universe (particularly his father). Orion is a hero most people sleep on, but I have a strong feeling that will change soon enough.

2) Swamp Thing.

No one would have guessed it right? Yes indeed Swamp Thing is one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe, considering he is pretty much made out of leaves. Now before you say anything let me give you examples of how powerful this guy really is. He was able to restrain Pre-Crisis Superman (which is impossible), turned Gotham City into a jungle without much effort, ripped John Constantine out of his own body, traveled to other planets some light years away and without his body, is resistant to gunfire, can create multiple bodies in seconds, is unaffected by Aquaman's telepathic blasts, and quickly defeated Captain Atom and Red Tornado at the same time. Are you not impressed? Swamp Thing is basically a humanoid/plant like creature with amazing abilities, and he's made out of leaves! He's the shocker on this list folks!

1) Superman.

So obvious right? Superman is considered by almost every fan of DC to be the strongest superhero there is. His feats are jaw-dropping and he has almost every super power imaginable. There is no limit to how strong he can get as long as he around a yellow sun, and he gets even stronger when he is near a blue one. His power level is on a whole different level which at times can be the subject of criticism from many fans. I mean a guy who can bench press the Earth for five straight days, survive a black hole, carry multiple planets with ease, sneeze away an entire galaxy, and holds a black hole in his hand can attract some negative attention. These are just a few of some of the most impressive feats Superman has accomplished in his rich history, and he undoubtedly deserves the number one spot.

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