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So the torch has been past from the master (George Lucas) to the padawan (JJ Abrams). A new chapter of Star Wars history is about to be made when Episode VII: The Force Awakens hits cinema screens all over the world this December 2015. So will JJ Abrams bring balance to the force and keep the fans happy with his vision of the Star Wars Universe or will he have turned to the darkside and ruin our childhood?

So what do we know about the director?

New York born Jeffrey Jacob Abrams has been a self-proclaimed Star Wars fan for as long as he can remember. Such a Star Wars fan in fact that he refused the director job first time around when offered it for Episode VII in fear he couldn’t do it justice and ruin Star Wars. After meeting with the Lucasarts team for a second time and hearing the ideas of Lawrence Kasdan had for the next installments of the franchise Abrams wanted in big style.

JJ Abrams is most known for his work with TV Series Lost, and films Super 8 and the re-invented Star Trek franchise. Yes I know STAR TREK! A lot of Star Wars fans don’t get on with the idea of Star Trek and the two being compared to each other. The truth is JJ Abrams rocked the world with his take on the Star Trek Universe with two outstanding films that saw the franchise get a much needed uplift, modernization and injection of seat gripping action. JJ Abrams did insert a nod to Star Wars within the Star Trek movie.

JJ Abrams has been criticized for his ‘flaring of the lens’ style cinematography with fans hoping to see the action without the picture being obscured by tacky lens flair effects, but we all know that there will be lens flair. Each director has there only little calling card they put on movies and this is JJ Abrams personal calling card.

From the work JJ Abrams has done and the new popularity he has brought to Star Trek I am personally looking forward to what he has to offer. The trailers that have been released so far for Episode VII have wowed the fans and neutrals alike with people flooding Facebook feeds by sharing the trailers over and over again. I was in my geeking element for a whole week with my Facebook feed being covered top to bottom with Star Wars related posts.

But I would like to remind people at this point of how good the media advertising for Episode I: The Phantom Menace was and what a let-down the film actually was. I am a Star Wars fan and I am not saying the prequels where bad films they just didn’t live up to the massive hype that that went with the posters and trailers for these three movies.

Let’s just hope that JJ Abrams has put all of his fan passion into the Episodes VII film to make them live up to the original trilogy. We all know he won’t be able to please everyone out there but hope he can please the masses and finally bring balance to the force.

So let’s talk Star Wars and the trailers

As always there has been a tonne of fan theories hit the internet regarding storylines, characters and deaths with Star Wars fans becoming extremely divided over opinions.

Personally I can’t see why we just can’t all get along and embrace each other’s opinions because at the end of the day we are all entitled to our opinions and the only people that know for sure what’s going to happen are the people involved in the movie.

So on that note let’s take a quick look at some of the points from the trailers and the speculations that have come with them.

Boba Fett and the Mandalorian’s

Everyone that has ever watched Star Wars wants to see Boba Fett back in the Universe. For a character that didn’t get that much screen time in the original trilogy he is a big deal to a lot of people and his death in Return of the Jedi was meet with hostility.

Fett is the galaxy’s best bounty hunter and his death made him look so amateur. Fett was brought back in the books and comics and Lucasarts have hinted that he will be back in the films, here are some screen grabs from the trailer that may hint he’s back.

Well this is a very low resolution picture but if it’s not the return of Fett it does show someone in Mandalorian armour. The Mandalorian’s haven’t been shown much in the film world of Star Wars but have been getting lots of airtime in the Clone Wars TV show and Rebels TV show. These screens grab here shows new and more evidence of the Mandalorian’s getting more film screen time in Episode VII

Where’s Luke Skywalker?

Mark Hamill wanted to return as Luke Skywalker so much and got his wish for Episode VII, but why is he missing from the new trailer and the movie poster?

Is it because he only has a small part in the movie? Or is there something more sinister behind it? Please don’t all stop reading this as there has been a big back lash from people about articles that maybe suggest that Luke Skywalker is Kylo Ren. But maybe he is? If not I do personally feel that there is a large connection between the two characters. Luke has also dabbled very close to the darkside of the force blurring the lines between the light and darkside just as his farther before him did, but just with a different consequence to his farther.

I recently read an article fan theory on Luke Skywalker during the original trilogy (article can be found here) this did make some scene and could lead to the massively rubbished fan theories of Luke is Kylo.

Adam Driver has been cast and pictured as Kylo Ren but I would love to remind everyone that JJ Abrams did try everything he could to cover up that Benedict Cumberbatch was Khan in the Star Trek: Into Darkness.

I will be writing a further article on this subject of the Skywalker curse and what it could possible hold for the future within the Star Wars Universe so stay tuned (of follow me on moviepiolt ;-0)

Death in the family

So this screen grab has caused all sorts of rants and raves about who Rey is crying over and who is dead. Firstly we don’t know if the character on the floor in front of Rey is even dead! Who says the character isn’t just injured?

Would JJ Abrams have the balls to kill a big established character like Chewbacca who some say it is? I don’t think he would as he is so worried about upsetting the apple cart and fans hating his vision of Star Wars. So is it a new character that fans haven’t grown to love yet like Finn? We do see Finn squaring up to Kylo and looking well under matched for the fight with a snowy back drop and the above screen grab also looks very snowy.

All theory’s aside Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens has broken pre-sale opening day ticket records, with most cinemas seeing out all IMAX opening day showings on day of release. Star Wars broke the internet with seconds of going on sale.

Let’s hope that all the hype doesn’t destroy this film, I have my tickets for opening day and can’t wait for December to come.

JJ Abrams may the force be with you.

Article wrote for Lionheart Reviews by Jim Parkhill

Me with a Mandalorian Merch @ London Film Comic Con
Me with a Mandalorian Merch @ London Film Comic Con

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