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I love Halloween and The Simpsons! Combine the two and you get great horror segments known as Treehouse Horrors! In no particular order I would like give a list of Treehouse Horror segments that I personally think are my favorite and why. I was going to do a top 10, but it was too cliche. I was going to do a top 13 to fit the theme for Halloween, but there were too many segments to choose from that I liked. I was going to do a top 31 for same reason as the before, but I haven’t seen all the segments to make a clear judgment on which ones I deemed the best.

So without further adue. Again, in no particular order, here are my top 21 Simpson's Treehouse of Horror Segments:

1- Nightmare Cafeteria

"Nobody likes Milhouse!"
"Nobody likes Milhouse!"

This one has all the teachers accidentally finding out that children make a great substitute for their lunch meats in the cafeteria! One by one, each kid is sent to detention to “meat” their demise… The funny part is knowing that Groundskeeper Willie tries to save the victims in these shorts, but he ends up getting killed in the process anyway.

2- The HΩmega Man

"Still got it!"
"Still got it!"

In this segment you find out not only what would happen if Homer was the last living man in Springfield from an Atomic Bomb from the French, but you also find out what he would do by himself. *

3-Terror at 5 ½ Feet

"Hidely ho Bart!"
"Hidely ho Bart!"

Bart is struggles in convincing the people on the bus that there is a gremlin trying to make the bus crash. That last bit with the Gremlin attacking Ned Flanders is hilarious!

4-The Thing and I

"Fire! And lots of it!"
"Fire! And lots of it!"

In this bit we learn that Bart was a conjoined twin and his twin brother, Hugo, happened to be the evil twin. We later find out that Hugo’s scar is on the wrong side, making Bart the evil twin this whole time! “Don’t look so shocked.”

5- The Devil and Homer Simpson

Homer’s appetite gets the best of him when he sells his soul for a double glazed doughnut with pink frosting and sprinkles!

6- The Shinning

What happens when Homer has no TV and no beer? He goes crazy!

7- Dial “Z” for Zombie

It’s the Simpson’s vs Zombies! What more could you ask for? You even have a humorous bit where Homer kills the Zombie Flanders without even knowing that he was a zombie.

8- Homer3(cubed) AKA Homer 3D

It’s the first time we get to see Homer and Bart as three dimensional beings! It’s even got a funny reference to the movie Tron.

9- Time and Punishment

What happens when time travel is in the hands of Homer Simpson? Everything! There’s even one timeline where we wish Homer would’ve stayed for just a few moments to see that it was raining doughnuts! It’s better than raining cats and dogs I can tell you that much!

"Mmm... Double glazed...(inaudible gurgling sound)"
"Mmm... Double glazed...(inaudible gurgling sound)"

10- The Raven

This one is a classic! It’s based on Edgar Allen Poe’s short story and it even has Bart being the annoying raven repeating, “Nevermore.” My favorite part is when Bart says, “Eat my shorts!” And Homer breaks character and ties to get the bird!

11- Clown without Pity

A birthday present gone wrong! Bart is given a Krusty Clown Doll that just so happens wants to kill Homer only because the doll is switched to evil mode. The Frogurt scene by far is my favorite!

12- Easy Bake Coven

"Well I'll be a son of a witch!"
"Well I'll be a son of a witch!"

It’s taking place during the Salem Witch Trials and Marge is accused of being a witch. They get a whacky idea that eating kids is better than taking their shoes. They are then persuaded to eat candy instead of kids, but that isn’t until they got filled up by with the kids that they ate prior to visiting the Flanders.

13- Bart Simpson’s Dracula

Lisa struggles to convince her family that Mr. Burns is a creature of the night known as a Vampire!

14- Nightmare on EverGreen Terrace

"'Do not touch Willie.' Good Advice!"
"'Do not touch Willie.' Good Advice!"

Willie is accidentally burned to death and comes back only to haunt the dreams of the children in Springfield. This is what happens in lousy Smartch Weather!

On the 13th hr, on the 13th day, on the 13th month!
On the 13th hr, on the 13th day, on the 13th month!

15- Fly vs Fly

Homer buys a teleportation device to make his life easier, but to his dismay Bart uses it to become Superfly. My favorite part is when Homer explains what happens when the device is used wrong and unknowingly punches Lisa in the face. “It was your mother!”

16- Hell Toupée

After Snake’s execution, Homer is given another chance to have healthy luscious hair. And it happens to be Snake’s hair. The hair carries the same criminal traits that Snake had before he died, which was a killing spree! Talk about a bad hair day!

17-I Know What You Diddily-Iddily-Did

"Mind if I chew your ear?"
"Mind if I chew your ear?"

Ned happens to be that one character that seems nice at first, but turns into something evil in all these segments I’ve noticed. He was The Devil, a Zombie, a Mutant, a Big Brother character and even in this one he’s a Werewolf! A Werewolf who knows what you diddily-iddily-did!

18- Send in the Clones

"Why you little!"
"Why you little!"

What’s worse than Homer Simpson? Clones of Homer Simpsons! This would be hilarious if they remade this segment and had Homer be all the clones in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones!

19- Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off-

In this short you find out what happens when Bart and Milhouse get their hands on a stopwatch that stops time! It is very comical and the stuff they do to people of Springfield is just the works of evil genius all over!

20- The Ned Zone-

A parody of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone. It has Ned see the destruction of humanity in the hands of Homer himself. Ned tries to stop it from happening, but he can’t stop fate…

What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!


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