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It's weird to think that Smallville first hit our screens over fourteen years ago. Clark Kent, A.K.A. Superman's origin story has been told many times on screen but Smallville is generally regarded as one of the better iterations. With an all star cast full of well known DC characters, there was something for everyone in Smallville.

The show ended over four years ago, just before the DC TV renaissance that spawned the likes of Arrow, The Flash and Gotham. Smallville stood as an inspiration to those series, particularly Gotham, which appears to be carrying on the same theme for the character of Batman. It arguably started the wave of successful DC TV shows and while some stars faded into obscurity, many others went on to have huge careers.

Tom Welling - Clark Kent

Smallville's resident hero, Tom Welling, hasn't appeared so much on screen as he has behind it since the show came off air. After testing the waters during Smallville as a producer and director for various episodes throughout the show's run, Welling went on to become an executive producer for the CW show, Hellcats. Sadly, the show was cancelled after one season but it hasn't stopped him. He's expected to play a large role both on and off screen in the upcoming TV series, Blanco County.

Allison Mack - Chloe Sullivan

It isn't always easy to please the fanboys. Fortunately, Allison Mack's portrayal of the original character, Chloe Sullivan, was enough to keep them happy, as in 2010 she appeared in DC comics for the first time. Mack has also stayed connected with DC after the end of Smallville, lending her voice to several characters from the comics such as Power Girl in the animated movie Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Allison has also appeared on screen in the FX sitcom Wilfred and and the Fox thriller The Following. Much like Tom Welling, she's also tried her hand at directing an episode of Smallville back in 2009. She's since been involved with a theatre group as a behind the scenes expert.

Kristin Kreuk - Lana Lang

Before Lois Lane there was Lana Lang. Kristin Kreuk played the role of Clark Kent's first love for eight seasons and was a fan favorite. After Smallville, Kreuk found success in her role as Catherine in The CW's version of Beauty and the Beast in 2012. However, aside from a few short films, she's not appeared anywhere else.

Michael Rosenbaum - Lex Luthor

Everyone's favorite big bad, Lex Luthor, was perfectly portrayed on screen by Michael Rosenbaum. After Smallville, Rosenbaum turned to writing, penning and directing his own feature film in 2014, titled Back In The Day. He also has an impressive voice work portfolio, having played heroes like The Flash and Kid Flash as well as villains such as Deadshot and Ghoul. Earlier this year, Rosenbaum also appeared in the lead role in the new sitcom, Impastor.

John Glover - Lionel Luthor

The villain-turned-martyr Lionel Luthor was always one of my favorite characters. The man that brought him to life, John Glover, was always one of my favorite actors. Since his departure from Smallville, Glover has turned predominantly to voicework, narrating several audiobooks and radio plays. He's also appeared on stage in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman and guest starred briefly in the first season of Marvel's Agent Carter.

Erica Durance - Lois Lane

Despite her fame, the character of Lois Lane didn't appear in Smallville until season four. When she finally appeared, her role was taken by Erica Durance, who carried the character all the way through until season ten. Following the series finale of Smallville, Durance appeared in a few shows as a guest star, such as NBC's Harry's Law. In 2012, she was cast in the NBC medical drama Saving Hope in the lead role. She also acts as a producer for the show.

Annette O'Toole - Martha Kent

Annette O'Toole portrayed Clark Kent's adoptive mother, Martha, as a regular cast member until the sixth season of the show. After Smallville, O'Toole made a small handful of appearances on screen, guest starring in an episode of Grey's Anatomy and Lie To Me. However, most of her post-Smallville success came from the music industry. In 2007 she acted as a backing singer to Spinal Tap and in 2011 starred on stage in the musical Southern Comfort.

John Schneider - Jonathan Kent

Before appearing on Smallville, John Schneider was already a well known TV actor with several titles to his name. After being killed off on the show, he made several more guest appearances on various shows, such as CSI, Desperate Housewives and The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Schneider is also an established country musician and to date has released ten albums, many of which have reached the top of the country music charts.

Justin Hartley - Oliver Queen

Before Stephen Amell took on the role in 2012, there was Justin Hartley. Hartley became a recurring cast member in season six and soon became a fan favorite as the Emerald Archer. Following his success with Smallville, Hartley went on to star in the short-lived Emily Owens M.D. and guest starred in many other shows, such as Castle and Hart of Dixie. As of 2014, Hartley has been a series regular on The Young and the Restless, a CBS soap opera.


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