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Napalm, Washington monuments and, Zombie Redcoats make for an exciting Crossover...

When news of a Sleepy Hollow/Bones crossover was announced, popular opinion was skeptical.

Combining a show of science with the supernatural, seemed almost impossible but, with some carefully placed boundaries, the aptly named; Hollowbones, was an entertaining event.

Perhaps because of the time we’ve had to imagine all the ways these two duos could interact, the episode fell a bit flat. Entertaining nonetheless, a more eventful episode could have been written if continuity had been set aside like a lot of Network Halloween specials.

The show began its crossover with Bones, and fans eagerly awaited for the moment the Bones crew, and most importantly; Dr Brennan, met Ichabod Crane.

With this anticipation, the limelight was dimmed on Abbie and Agent Booth; their interaction instead, stemming from their mutual friend; Sheriff Corbin.

Bones opens in a Sleepy Hollow sort of fashion; a desolate church, home to anything but pure holiness. When a group of teenagers uncover a corpse under rotten floorboards inside the church, it is only upon the team's discovery of a mortsafe, that things get spooky.

Cue Team Hollow. Upon discovering a headless, Red Coat skeleton inside a bewitched mortsafe; next to the exsanguinated corpse, thoughts of a Vampire quickly, and logically, turn towards a headless horseman…

…logically for bringing Ichabod and Abbie to Washington that is.

Assuming the corpse and its embalmed remnants, belonged to Abraham; who’d terrorised the team last season, writer’s sought to keep focus, on Pandora instead. In typical Halloween costumery, we are presented, a dead version of normal things. Outside of Ichabod’s flashbacks, this crossover offers us a Zombie Red Coat Army set on killing Turn Coat Ichabod; and cause chaos for Pandora’s gain.

Back in Bones ‘land’ aka Washington, the crossover cements its combination of shows in the historical unravelling of George Washington’s tomb. Though not buried there, Dr Brennan is eager to claim credit, on finding historical secrets that belie the facts. Edging too close to unravelling secrets; the presence of astute puzzle doors and Napalm (or Greek Fire), makes for a practically giddy Bones. We leave Washington learning, that in typical fashion, Brennan has the wonder-filled tomb brought back to the Jeffersonian. I wonder if this will continue into next week’s episode of Bones, or more likely, be concluded to the Museum’s American history wing.

Having had the Skull located; and not in a jar in Sleepy hollow, Ichabod by the written orders of 18th Century Ichabod Crane - dismissed to our skeptic scientists as a Genetic hand-me-down, in a similarity to present Day Ichabod Crane’s handwriting - stay focused on the macabrely, supernatural Sleepy Hollow for the most part of the crossover’s Halloween narrative.

With no secret-revealing x-rays of Ichabod to be seen, Brennan remains a scientist throughout the crossover. As she continues to dismiss Catholicism, and meetings with her Dead Mother in a brief stint with Death; perhaps I was hoping for too much, in shaking up the format of Bones. 11 seasons in, there is a definite, loveable; but sometimes predictable, dynamic going.

As we open in Sleepy Hollow, Pandora having revived a headless corpse, we discover that almost every Redcoat and Patriot probably dealt with the supernatural.

The corpse, revealed in Bones, to be Ichabod’s enemy General Howe, revives his army from a soldiers mausoleum and sets out on his task.

Surprisingly, fear strikes in the naivety of Trick or Treaters. In a scene wherein the army is perceived as nothing more than men in costume, it is eery how a similar event is likely to happen in the States nowadays. Unsuspecting in costume, the men are armed and prepared to commit mass murder in sight, of chaos. With the influence of media often debated, this scene proved to be the most uneasy and chilling to endure.

A similarity shared between the Duos, are their reverence. Putting their hearts in each case; Abbie and Agent Booth bond through the inspiring example set by Corbin; whereas, Ichabod and Brennan share a reverence for accuracy; whether it be scientific or historical. Alike in their quirks, I was hopeful that Brennan would share more of her anthropological side with the history loving Crane.

In a turn of events, the original victim turned out to be playing with death in order to witness the other side. To set up the boundaries between our scientists, the idea of the victim being a pagan witch, trying to revive another headless horseman, was quickly dismissed in a discussion on the greater powers of medicine. Murdered by General Howe’s skull; after breaking her boyfriends faith, the show surrenders the General’s remains to Sleepy Hollow.

The team are called upon again, through the aforementioned allure of George Washington’s tomb aka General Howe’s initial burial site. Distracted by giddiness, the Washington-based tomb serves as another boundary set in place to keep Bones and Booth safe from the unmistakably supernatural Sleepy Hollow. Meanwhile, Ichabod discovers that Napalm is the secret to killing Howe and his army.

For fans of Sleepy Hollow, the parallels between the two duos definitely played to their audience; with characters noting multiple times, the could-be romantic dynamic between Ichabod and Abbie; who serve as younger versions of the veteran FOX duo throughout the crossover. Whilst I am all for Ichabod and Abbie to pair up romantically, the timing is debatable with Ichabod still firmly planted in the past. Perhaps with his citizenship and integration into the Hudson Historical society, Ichabod can assimilate with his extroverted-American side, and be built up of less isolating quirks. But for now, I love the quirks; and Betsy Ross.

With her presence in the main credits (played by Nikki Reed), it seems only a matter of time before Betsy Ross makes her present day debut; and rekindles her romance with Ichabod.

A badass, fighter of the supernatural; who first utilised Greek fire to burn the first Zombie army - and Manhattan, to ash - I eagerly await her arrival.

With the supernatural all too familiar, Sleepy Hollow made sure to continue Jenny and Joe Corbin’s narrative to lead us into next week’s episode with ease. No longer a stand-alone episode; for the sake of the crossover, we discover that both Abbie; FBI agent, and Jenny, have been chasing the same man; Atticus Nevins. With his ties to both, the government and the supernatural shard, it seems that Abbie will never have a life completely outside of her duty as Witness. Fortunately, it seems that love interest and Boss; Daniel Reynolds, will be brought into the fold as the season continues to reveal the growing dangers of Pandora’s Box.

Sleepy Hollow and Bones air Thursday Nights on FOX!

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