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Terry McGinnis- Drew Roy

Drew Roy is a captivating actor. He is also 29, but he could easily pull off being 19 or 20 if need be. I think he has incredible emotional range as well as being a handsome dude and a dead ringer for Terry McGinnis.

Bruce Wayne- Michael Keaton

C'mon, this is just way too perfect.

Matt McGinnis- Dylan O' Brien

O' Brien is one of the fastest rising stars today and he is loaded with talent and potential. You may be wondering, "how can Dylan O' Brien can play a 10 year old." My answer for that is for this show to truly work Terry has to have a brother figure closer to the same age as him. O'Brien and Drew Roy look relatively similar and I think this could be an incredible pairing.

Maxine Gibson- Amber Stevens West

Amber Stevens West is an intensely funny actress, I think not only can she portray Max incredibly but she could add loads of wit and sass to her character.

Derek Powers- Pierce Brosnan

Brosnan is probably most well known for his stint as Bond, James Bond. One of the best depictions of the character thus far. I believe he could absolutely pull off a role as a hungry businessman at the top.

Paxton Powers- Nathan Kress

Everyone probably remembers Kress from Nickelodeon's hit TV show, iCarly as the lovable nerd, Freddie Benson. I believe he could bring the right amount of arrogance to this character that would be necessary.


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