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Zachary Chichwak
If you truly vbelieve that any of his 3 films were darker and or grittier than Burton's Batmans, i dontt know what to tell ya... As for your request to list some DC ripoffss: here ya' go skippy! You said Namor, who is a great character by the way. Theres more to that story than u know tho. But saying i gave that one to you, illl just move on from there. DC had been building their "universe" since the late 30's. Therefore, they had creatively outmatched all competitors. By the early 60's Marvel was floundering. Again. Writing westerns and sci-fi. They took DC's hugely selling idea of a "team book" and created the FF. A dead horse that they continue to kick to this very day.... After that they had to create a huge roster of characters, and fast. So, they came up with some back stories but for the sake of time (and seeing what had already worked for DC before) they began. Tony Stark is a 50/50 mix of Oliver Queen & Bruce Wayne. Tell me if this sounds familiar...handsome playboy millionaire, heading a huge industry leading company becomes stuck in an unfamiliar and hostile place where he will have to hone some serious skills and dig in deep to survive. After some time, hes become a new man, a purposeful to man. He finds his company has been dirty dealing. He decides to make this right by adopting an alter ego, Sound like anybody else you know? Now green arrow in particular has gad many retellings of his coming to be, but DC had made the blueprints from which to draw these ideas from. DC had created Plastic man AND elongated man many many years before Mr. Fantastic... The Nova corps is a blatent Green Lantern rip-off, and Deadpool. Ah yes deadpool. Deadpool is the most prime example of DC being ripped off to date. I would go as far as to call it plaigerism. Or at the very least severe copyright infringement. Who am i describing here?: about 6'1 -6'3 military man who wears a two-tone mask/uniform to hide a disfigured face. chemically/genetically altered soldier that has enhanced everything about him. Brilliant strategist, unmatched hand to hand to hand combatant and loves particularly to use a sword or bladed weapon. Genius level intellect and a master of all firearms large and small. A mercenary/assassin thats more of an anti-hero than a villain. Wade Wilson right? Wrong...i was describing Slade Wilson. Deathstroke. Hector hammond has developed quite a bit since he fisrt showed up in spring time 61'. A year before professor x was even created i might add, Hector Hammond became a bald, genius level telepath who was confined to a wheelchair due to physical problems. But how ironic right? The strongest mind in the world confined to a wheenchair... I could literally do this all day....Marvel sales still not up to par yet so they took the biggest shortcut in the history of comics...they created the "mutant!" An extraordinary character, with no back story to be needed up front. They had powers, JUST BECAUSE. They'd found a way to catch up, finally. Marvel is now rebooting their universe too if you havnt't heard yet. They watch DC and look at the changes they implement into their business, and whether it was a good move or a bad move doesntt matter. Marvel has now seen exactly how to do what DC has done, but also knows what to avoid doing as well. Itss been happening forever. DC essentailly creates the graphic novel, who starts doing the same thing shortly after? Black cat, Swamp thing, doctor strange, Bullseye, thanos, sentry and a hundred others. Id rather have a thought provoking film as opposed to family friendly, easily digestible action-fluff.... Marvel does some great marketing these days... Since disney bought them. Cant fault them for that, it was a good idea. Marvel is now getting fantastic exposure. DC has done some hilariously blatent character development to basically make a point that its a two way street. Mocking a character, and verging so close to copyright infringement itss hilarious. Check out DC's Fighting American. Hilarious. Marvel needed a superman of their own by 61'. And theydd seen what had happened to Captain Marvel at Fawcett comics. So they made theirs a complete photo negative of superman. Long blonde instead of short black hair. Superman doesntt fight with a weapon, so ours has to. Superman is the last of his kind with no planet of his people. Ours will come from a place where there are many like him. Ours WONT be an orphan, and instead of having powers like a god, we'll just make him an actual god. Superman's main weakness apart from kryptonites is magic. "Ours will be powered by magic!" And then they had THOR. No way for copyright laws to get involved. There are a handful of marvel characters that are original. Spidermann (pretty much), daredevil and a few others. Im hesitant to put any mutant characters down because of their absurd and shortsided inception. Marvel watches DC, waits for the results to come in. Analyzes the results and then implements the same damn things but with the knowledge of what to leave out, and what to do more of. They take a character that already exists in one form or another, and they make theirs but with two things different: one, they make theirs more powerful, and two, they show him or her having a beer with friends, or getting stuck in traffic...and the people reading think, "hmmm, i too have been caught in bad traffic before." I CAN RELATE TO THIS GUY!!! Awesome....anyway, this could literally go on and on with no end in sight, but ive gotta go. So, anyway. Thanx. Happy halloween

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