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Shenelle DeCoteau

In the latest episode of tv's most highly rated shows, The Walking Dead, controversy exploded over the supposed death of one of the main characters, Glenn. Over the years, Walking Dead characters have died but manymore introduced. However, some still remain who have been there from the very beginning. As it so happens Glenn is one of them. So imagine the look on my face when I heard of his death. However, one question still remains. Is he really dead? (***SPOILER ALRERT AHEAD***)

In the last scene, it shows the following character Nicholas killing himself overwhelmed with the amount of walkers surrounding him and the impact of his gun pushing both him and Glenn into the crowd of walkers. After, it shows the intestines of a body that looks like Glenn being eaten. However, people fail to remember that Nicohlas fell on Glenn and that could have been his body. Therefore, he can still be alive. So cheer up guys and prepare for the following episode of TWD now that you're all rattled up. Isn't that how show business works?


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