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Boss battles in video games are some of the most intense and best parts of of that certain game. They put all the skills you learned throughout to the test. And which series has some of the best fights? Well if you're an avid gamer (or you just read the title), you'll know the Batman Arkham series has some of the best. They're so well thought out and suited to each Batman villain, it's just fantastic. So I've compiled a list of my personal favorites from the series. (Don't expect any entries from the recent Batman: Arkham Knight however.)

5. Electrocutioner Batman: Arkham Origins

You know damn well why this fight had to be on this list. Actually I shouldn't even call this a fight, more like a one-hit K.O. He shows up in Penguin's arena, to try and collect the bounty on your head. Then in your mind, you start thinking of all the strategies you can use to take him down, especially since his electric gloves look very intimidating. Little did players know, as soon as you take one step toward him and press the attack button, a cut scene plays, showing Batman immediately knock him out. I'd be lying if I didn't burst out laughing, and I'm sure most you did to.

4. Firefly Batman: Arkham Origins

Now we have Firefly from the prequel game, Arkham Origins. This particular boss battle features a lesser known villain. The thing that made him quite challenging, is the use of his flamethrower. It was pretty hard to avoid, and you had to keep moving to different locations, as you guys were fighting on a collapsing bridge. The atmosphere was very intense, especially since he's unlike any foe you have fought before. While not the best, his fight definitely deserved to be on this list.

3. TN-1 Bane Batman: Arkham Origins

Another list from this prequel, TN-1 Bane is one of the most intense fights you'll encounter. You fought him as regular Bane about twice before, but it's nothing quite like this. He's incredibly strong, though he has very primal instincts as this version. You have to sneak up behind him, jump on his back, and then ram him onto an electrified wall. But it is very easy to mess this up. Not to mention at some point your detective vision gets scrambled, making it so you can't track his movements. Also, God help you if he catches you sneaking up on him. My advice? RUN. LIKE. HELL.

2. Mr. Freeze Batman Arkham: City

Finally, another game from the series. While you do fight Mr. Freeze in Origins, it's part of a DLC and it's just not quite as epic. In this altercation, you think it'll just be easy peasy right? Wrong! After you manage to hit Freeze with one method, you're no longer able to attack him that way, and you're required to think of new methods of striking him, which limits your options as you go along, and makes you use your head. Which is something a lot of boss's just don't do.

1. Deathstroke Batman Arkham Origins

Number one on our list has got to be the fight against Deathstroke. He shows up very unexpectedly while you are interrogating Penguin, due to the bounty placed on your head. This has to be the most challenging of them all, since this time you have to be on the defensive, countering his incredibly fast moves. Even veteran players struggled with this battle (I know I did). I mean especially when you compare THIS to the one we got in Arkham Knight, this one is waaaay better.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed this list. Which entries do you agree/disagree with? Which one would be your number one? Also, kinda funny how Arkham Origins, the game made by Warner Bros. Montreal, had the most on this list, instead of Rocksteady. Follow me for more content, and take care!


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