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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Now the general consensus on this was that it is a bomb. But that's most of the people who read the comic books and fans of the original movie franchise.

While not all that popular on it's own, the original movie franchise did have one thing this does not; character. Yeah, it's cheesy to say but the original movie franchise, even though distasteful in portraying Fantastic Four as a superhero movie, it did one thing right which was make the characters, well some of them anyways likeable, and the thing about the original movie franchise was, that it was a guilty pleasure for most. Now I can't really see why, I never really enjoyed the original Fantastic Four, nor did I enjoy this one as well.

The story line I already knew I mean the only thing they changed was how they got super powers and that Richards and Ben were friends. Now admittedly, I never read the comic books, but I know that Von Doom was supposed to have a mask and not entertwined with his suit right? But let's put that into the creative liberties aside, and digress.

The movie was boring from beginning to end and half the movie I spent was somewhere else and not on the movie itself, it didn't capture anything important, it didn't try newer things be a little bolder in trusting itself, it was afraid of itself and it never took big chances. Mostly, this reminded me a lot of Michael Bay's work, but minus the tonne of action and more of the Shamalyn/Nolan route with thick dialogue, expositioning what we already know. And that's the root of the problem, is that they never really develop the characters. Sure we know who's Reed Richards already and Johnny Storm and Sue, and Ben.
But I thought they were going to do something with that. Like the fact Reed wishes he was adopted. Why? That's what we wanna know. What motivates him so much to do Science, what's his drive?
Sure miss exposition, Sue Storm actually does try to ask him like what makes him persevere so much but that was diluted into only one line,and her having like a set ability or trait already to see patterns, that was interesting, why don't we learn more about that. And the fact that she was adopted by Franklin Storm, good, do we know if she wants to find her real parents? Was she adopted because Franklin lost his wife(I'm assuming), why don't we learn about that.
And Johnny is he just into racing? What drove him in the first place to race? Why doesn't he and his father get along? And why aren't we questioning the fact that he and his family along with Sue, never talk that much about their mother?
What about Ben? He was shown like having a tough life as a kid, good. Does it mirror Reed's life? Was Reed abused as well? What drove them to be such good friends? Was it just that Ben thought that Reed was going to need support and he thought hey, he could help me out too?

The bottom line is this, as I've said over and over again, for me the secret to a good movie is it's characters. How come Sony didn't take the Amazing Spider-man route with this one? Why didn't show characters struggling? Yeah sure there were a few scenes, about them, but all of it really was just exposition and nothing more. People wanted to know the characters feel the characters, understand the characters motifs. And I think that's why a lot of people didn't like it.
I think if you took away the Fantastic Four name and slapped on a transformers title, or something Shamalyn would do, no one would have been hyped for this. And everyone seriously was hyped for this movie. I mean there's good reason for one thing the visuals, oh my God the visuals were great, the next dimension thing it was pretty creepy but beautiful nonetheless, and then of course the cast, with Sony experimenting with Johnny Storm as an African American, is an interesting choice, and Miles Teller, I thought he was going to bring something different and interesting.

But he didn't and that's sad and I think people will forever remember him only for Whiplash which is sad because in the two movies that I've seen him now, he's only the guy who's been doubted all his life(Whiplash and Fantastic Four), or just the guy who's kind of an asshole(Whiplash and Divergent). Seemingly, it seems like he's fallen into the hole of a routine and should stop accepting roles as these kinds of people and instead try something new, add something to your wheel house don't squander it. Sure you could argue that he's a young talent and he's gonna need all the roles he can get, but that's just it, if he gets the same roles over and over again, people will think that's the only role he can give and he can perform.

Not wanting to sound like a review, I'll just say this; the plot: 0, the story line; 3, and the characters; 2, and overall if this was a review, it sure as hell won't get a 4 from me.


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