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Its been a while since I made a new post but I couldn't think of anything I wanted to write about. Finally, I have a new thing to go with! There has been a rumor about that the Batman solo movie would feature Red Hood and Nightwing, and would be based off of the stories 'Death in the Family' and 'Under the Red Hood'. Recently I read another fan post predicting the villains of the upcoming films of the DC Extended Universe. So I have decided to make a similar post, making predictions on not just the villains, but the stories and other characters that could appear in some of these films. Here are my choices ( some contain description, some do not; some have all three parts, some have one or two parts):

Villains: Ares and Circe - Wonder Woman

At first, I believed that the villain for the Wonder Woman film was just going to be the God of War Ares, but now I could see the sorceress Circe as another to challenge the Amazon in 2017. I also agree with the latest casting and have Sean Bean (Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings) and Eva Green (Penny Dreadful, 300: Rise of an Empire) as the god and sorceress respectfully.

Supporting Heroes: Black Canary, Oracle, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Supporting Villains: Cheetah, Star Sapphire

Villains: Vandal Savage, The First Legion of Doom - Justice League Part One

Supporting Villains: Lex Luthor, Metallo, Cheetah, Bane, Star Sapphire, Mirror Master, Livewire

For the story of Justice League Part One, they should start with the first Legion of Doom, led by immortal Vandal Savage. It would be loosely based on Justice League: Doom and would have roughly the same members as the animated film: Batman nemesis Bane, Wonder Woman rival Cheetah, The Flash arch-enemy Mirror Master, and Green Lantern Foe Star Sapphire. I also added 2 other Superman villains to go along with Metallo: Jesse Eisenberg's return as Lex Luthor, and I needed another female villain to balance it out so I chose Livewire. I didn't use the Martian Manhunter enemy above because I don't really know that much about him and we don't know if MM will be in JL.

Villains: Captain Cold, The Rogues - The Flash

Supporting Villains: Heat Wave, Golden Glider, Weather Wizard, Trickster(?)

Since The Flash is being written by The Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, it is most likely that the movie will more of an Action Comedy film. So it should have villains with a more comedic sense so the Rogues Gallery led by Captain Cold would be a perfect choice. As for members of the Rogues, I'm probably stealing this from The CW, but having Heat Wave, Golden Glider and Weather Wizard join the team would be a perfect setup. The film could deal with issues on family if they do a rogues setup. I'm still not sure if I want Trickster in the film but I'm putting him on this list for now.

Villain: Ocean Master - Aquaman

Supporting Villain: Black Manta

Supporting Heroes: Superman, Cyborg

I could see them using the story of Justice League: Throne of Atlantis as the main plot line with some variations since Aquaman will already be introduced in Batman vs. Superman and Justice League Part One.

Villain: Red Hood - Batman Solo Film

Supporting Villains: Joker, Black Mask

Supporting Hero: Nightwing

Since this is what everyone is talking about, Red Hood is the perfect enemy for The Batman reboot. Joker and Black Mask would be in it because of the connections they have to Red Hood.

Villains: Injustice League - Justice League Part Two

Members: Joker, Lex Luthor, Black Adam, Poison Ivy, Ultra-Humanite, Unknown Female, Unknown Male/Female

Because Shazam is the movie set before Justice League Part Two, I think that Black Adam is going to play an interesting part in that film. This is NOT confirmed but it was rumored that the Batman solo film would target in the fall of 2018. If this is true, which we don't know yet, then Joker would also have a role close to JL2. So the villains of JL2 should be members of the Injustice League/Gang. Joker, Black Adam, and Lex Luthor would be the main 3, with 4 secondary villains (I have decided on 2 so far: Poison Ivy and Ultra-Humanite) to join in.

Villain: Blackbriar Thorn - DC's Dark Universe

Supporting Villains: Floronic Man, Poison Ivy

Supporting Heroes: Etrigan the Demon, Zatarra, Spectre

Another film that has not be confirmed yet is the Guillermo Del Toro adaptation of Justice League Dark. The rumor was that the main members would be John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Deadman, and Madame Xanadu. There was also a rumor that the villain was going to be Floronic Man, which I think would have been a horrible choice. But now that I think of it, it could work with him as a supporting villain with his creation Poison Ivy, with the main villain being an actual comic book foe of Justice League Dark with similar powers and appearance to Floronic and Ivy, and that being Blackbriar Thorn.

Villain: Deathstroke - Cyborg

Only because of the connection with the Teen Titans. This film I think is a risky move. And we still don't know whether or not Scott Eastwood is playing Deathstroke in next year's Suicide Squad.

Villains: Sinestro, Sinestro Corps - Green Lantern Corps

Supporting Villains: The Anti-Monitor, The Manhunter Drones

I had a tough choice for Green Lantern Corps, but since they didn't use him (as a villain) in the 2011 film, they have to use the Guardian of Fear Sinestro as the foe of this film. Since the Manhunters and Anti-Monitor are part of the Sinestro Corps in the comics, they would make a good storyline and supporting villains to Sinestro.

The next section is a list of villains for film ideas that the DC Extended universe could use in the future ( A REMINDER, THIS IS JUST A FAN THEORY/PREDICTION. There is no confirmation that these movie ideas will ever be adapted):

Villains: Atrocitus, Red Lantern Corps - Green Lantern Corps 2

Supporting Villains: Cyborg-Superman, Larfleeze

Since Sinestro was my pick for the first GLC film, the second one would have to feature Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns of Rage.

Villains: Black Hand, Nekron, Black Lantern Corps - Green Lantern Corps 3

Supporting Hero: Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern/White Lantern)

You start with fear, then to anger, you have to close with death. The concluding part to a Green Lantern trilogy would have to be about the 'Blackest Night' storyline, and feature Black Hand and the Black Lanterns of Death as the main adversaries.

Villain: Mr. Freeze - Solo Batman 2

The villain of the second Batman film should be a reboot of one of the original anthology characters. Since I have already set Poison Ivy in JL2 and Dark universe, and characters for Penguin and Riddler are already set on NBC's Gotham, Mr. Freeze should be the logical choice. I still standby my fan-cast of Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet, Harry Potter 2, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) as the bad doctor Victor Fries.

Villains: The Court of Owls - Solo Batman 3

Supporting Hero: Damian Wayne (New Robin)

Like Green Lantern, The Batman should end its trilogy on a dark note, and the mysterious organization known as the Court of Owls would be perfect to end it on.

Villain: Black Manta - Aquaman 2

Supporting Villains: The Deep Six

After the first film, Manta would be vengeful angry at Aquaman, so he would go to great lengths to kill his son. Supporting villains would have to be The Deep Six (even though I know almost nothing about them). I can't say anything about King Shark because I do not know if he is appearing in next year's Suicide Squad.

Villain: Reverse-Flash - The Flash 2

Supporting Villains: Alternate Aquaman, Alternate Wonder Woman

Supporting Heroes:Cyborg, Booster Gold, Batman (Thomas Wayne)

The sequel to The Flash should be based on Flashpoint. Involving alternate timelines with World War 3 between Aquaman and his Atlanteans and Wonder Woman and her Amazons. Since Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Losers, Red Dawn, Watchmen) has been cast as Thomas Wayne in Batman vs. Superman, it would seem interesting that they would cast such a well-known actor in a most-likely small role, unless they have bigger plans for him. He does have the build for a Flashpoint Batman character. Since a Booster Gold film is rumored to be in development, it would be wise to have it released around the same time as Flash 2 since Booster had a big part in the Flashpoint comic series.

Storyline: Trintiy War - Justice League Part 3

I just found this out and it would be a clash between 3 separate Justice Leagues: Regular, America, and Dark. The perfect set for a third JL film. But even this wouldn't compare to the next idea...

Villain: Darkseid - Justice League Part 4

Darkseid is the Thanos of DC, but bigger, badder, and better. He commands thousand of armies, is the god of his own planet Apokilips, and beat the Justice League 10 times over without even lifting a finger. Darkseid has to be in the DC Extended Universe but who can't just start with him; then everything that follows would be perceived as mediocre. He should be mentioned early on like Thanos was in The Avengers, but he shouldn't show up until the third or fourth JL film. As for an actor, it should be either Michael Ironside (Top Gun, Extreme Prejudice, Starship Troopers) or Ving Rhames (Mission Impossible series, Don King: Only in America).

And that's it! Those are my picks! Did you like 'em or hate 'em? Let me know! Remember, this is just a prediction blog and everything I said here is of my own opinion. Its probably going to be a while before a write a new blog, unless Marvel or DC make a BIG announcement or the next week or two, which they might.


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