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It seems like only yesterday that it was the beginning of Halloween... Oh wait, it was. (Technically, "this weekend"). I guess it's time for the Christmas commercials to roll out. But who can complain when it involves Star Wars references and the all-awesome Duracell battery, am I right? (Aw yeah, lithium power).

Gearing up for the Christmas season, Duracell has released a new commercial for their "Quantum" battery, which just so happens to feature our two favorite droids in the galaxy (check out Threepio's red arm, though), a bunch of Storm Troopers, lightsaber action, and awesome product placement.

First Order Stormtroopers, blaster fire, AT-AT's, oh my!
With no time to lose, Duracell is definitely beating all the other companies in advertisement. By now, I'm sure they're asking themselves, "Where's Don Draper, when you need him?!"

But there is one thing to note from this obvious crossover between two companies to convince us to throw money at them.
Anyone else notice that the sister in this sketch resembles the appearance of Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens character, Rey? And did she just use The Force to push some Stormtroopers away?!

What are you playing at, Duracell?!
What are you playing at, Duracell?!

Now this may just be me looking into this too much, but could this Duracell/Star Wars crossover be hinting at some sort of character reveal during The Force Awakens? Could Daisy Ridley's character, Rey, actually be a Skywalker?! Or maybe even someone who has been studying the ways of The Force?!?! What does this mean?!?!?!

Damnit, Abrams!
Damnit, Abrams!

I guess we'll just have to wait until December 18th, to find out who is who and what is what, when Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes to a theater near you!

In the meantime, let's watch the final trailer on infinite loop, shall we?


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