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The upcoming is very exciting, yet still full of mystery. There are so many stories they can use, and characters they can introduce. One of which we might see is Bruce Wayne's own kid, Damian Wayne. He becomes one of Batman's Robin's and he's quite the handful (as most kids are). Of all the kids available to play him, I feel Chandler Riggs who plays Carl on The Walking Dead, would be one of the best choices. Why? Well let's go through the reasons.

Acting Ability

Anyone who's seen The Walking Dead, knows that Chandler has acting chops. He has played a complex character, who we've seen grow up and go through the phases of being a kid. What makes it even more interesting, is that he is growing up in a zombie apocalypse. A lot of people say that he is a bad actor, but I think they're just hating on the character. I feel he is a great actor. Which reminds me...

He has experience playing an annoying ass character

As all us comic readers know, Damian Wayne, is an annoying little sh*t. He is constantly going against Batman's methods, preferring to kill criminals than capturing them. He's also such a d*ck. He gives snarky remarks to all of the Bat-family, and gets on readers nerves. Now back to Chandler's character, Carl. He also got on everyone's nerves, questioning his father, and just having a horrible attitude (Very similar to Damian). While currently on the show he's alright, it's safe to say he got on everyone's nerves for a good number of seasons.

He's got the look

Chandler himself is very young (being only 16 years old), and is definitely a good choice to play him in this universe. While Damian is usually about 10 in the comics, this could work. It's been 20 years since Batman has first put on the cowl. We can see from the Robin suit (most likely Jason Todd), that Robin was a young adult when he was Batman's sidekick. So it's pretty likely at some point in being Batman, he has hooked up with Talia, and Damian shows up later on. Even if his age doesn't quite match up, they can simply say he's younger than he actually is. I mean if a 30-year old Andrew Garfield can play a teenage Spiderman, I'm sure we can knock a few years off Chandler.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this article. Do you think these are valid reasons? Who would you like to see play Damian in the DCEU, Or do you even want him to show up at all? Let me know in the comments, and follow me for more content. Thanks for reading, take care!


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