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With the zombie genre flourishing like it has been in the last decade, it wasn't a big surprise to see the box office numbers for World War Z. The horror thriller, based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks, was released to positive reviews from critics and general audiences in 2013. But I don't think Brooks himself could have predicted just how successful the film would become. The zombie flick starring Brad Pitt grossed over $540 million dollars at the box office shocking viewers and becoming an instant hit and audiences crave a sequel. Even though Brooks only wrote one standalone novel.

Well, producer Brad Pitt and his production company: Plan B Entertainment, are on their way with a new plate of scares for you hungry zombie fans. World War Z's sequel has finally received a writer and director bringing us one step closer to seeing scenes like this one again.

Spanish director J.A. Bayona will be behind the director's chair, while British writer Dennis Kelly will pen the script. We can presume that Brad Pitt will return to star since he is returning to produce. His role as UN investigator Gerry Lane was a modernized lead role for a zombie film. I know I felt invested in his character immediately rooting for him. One has to wonder where the film's plot will head now considering a cure was found by Lane at the end of the original film.

If you don't quite remember, it wasn't your traditional zombie cure. Lane came up with the genius idea of injecting himself with a deadly but curable disease after witnessing cancer patients being avoided by the infected creatures. Fortunately for him it worked and it was revealed that the zombies don't kill anyone that's already dying.

The antidote worked to help save some civilians in infested areas but in the film's universe there is still no direct cure for the zombies themselves. So, there is a lot of action and decisions that can be displayed in the sequel to make it captivating.

The original had some of the most interesting zombie cinematography I've seen in years, so I look forward to the film having that epic feel we all know and love with a few scares tied in there as well. Too bad we'll have to wait a few years to see it, as the sequel is set to be released on June, 9th, 2017. But it will definitely be worth the wait if we get the same tone as scenes like this.

I know I can't wait, how about you?


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