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You've seen him on the bridge of the USS Enterprise, in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and as Sheldon's Best Frenemy, on the Big Bang Theory. Now get prepared to see Wesley Crusher take on the world of PlayStation's Powers.
We just can't get away from this talented, ultra geek, now can we.

Announced by IGN, geek/nerd superstar Wil Wheaton will be joining the cast of Brian Michael Bendis's Powers for its sophomore season, exclusively on the PlayStation Network.

Cmon, Sheldon. You know you're happy for him.
Cmon, Sheldon. You know you're happy for him.

Although details are scarce on Wheaton's role on the show, Bendis revealed that the character will soon be introduced in the Powers comic, currently being published by Marvel's Icon Comics. The only thing the comic creator would reveal is that Wheaton's character could be described as "exciting, mysterious and powerful."

Wil has also shared the happy news on his website, showing excitement for his involvement in the upcoming season of Powers.

Brian M. Bendis is one of my favorite comic writers, and Remi Aubuchon is one of my favorite TV writers, so when they offered me a role on Powers, I said yes.
All the specific details are locked down with an NDA, but I start work soon, and I’ll hopefully be able to share some things from the set once I settle in, like who is directing my first episode (someone I’ve been dying to work with for decades!)
Image via Forbes
Image via Forbes

Cheers to ya, Wheaton! I, for one, can't wait to see you kick some major a** on the show. Just as long as you leave Calista and Retro Girl alone.

You can now stream the entire first season of Powers for free (if you're a PlayStation Plus member) or you can also purchase each episode, on the PlayStation Store. Season 2 is set to return for 2016.

(Source: IGN)


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