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Honest Trailer is a segment from Screen Junkies where they tell the audience about the mistakes made in movies. Here are some of their best videos!

Honest Trailer - Back to the Future


I guess Biff was right, something is truly familiar about the repeated scenes in the trilogy, and how in the world did Doc end up "making" bombs for terrorists?He was right about the car too, I guess he couldn't afford a better one...

Honest Trailer - Jurassic World


Yeah, of course more profits since kids don't like old dinosaurs, what's with this part of the movie! And the fences! This guy is right because the dinosaurs escaped twice in the old movies and now they make lame fences... they are DINOSAURS, people! Get your act together!

Honest Trailer - Mad Max


Truly one of the best honest trailers ever. The action scenes were awesome, a lot of water was wasted, but as the honest trailer dude said, the plot was a little brief whilst the action was amazing.

Honest Trailer - Kingsman: The Secret Service


Yes, a lot of scenes look similar to 007 or other movies, but this movie is really good except the biggest product placement ever and how they continuously tell us that this is not a 007 movie.

Honest Trailer - Mission Impossible


What happens if they say no to the mission? Will the world be destroyed? Doesn't this agency have more agents? Okay, Tom Cruise runs a lot and there are a lot of rogues too...

Honest Trailers are fun and good, but sometimes they go too far by pointing out that the movie isn't real. Well, that's movies, dude! They are not real anyway. I hope you enjoyed this article and the videos I shared. Thank you for reading.



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