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Batman is arguably one of the most popular and iconic characters in comic history. He is an enigma, a man that we can relate with in many ways. Whenever we read a Batman comic or watch his films, we can't help thinking 'Hey, maybe I can be Batman too!'. That is the relatability that is usually associated with the character.

But as they say, every great hero needs great villains who not only pose great threats to him, but also make him greater and better when he has overcome their evil machinations. Out of all the superheroes in comics, Batman and Spider-Man have the best rogues gallery of all time. His enemies have been portrayed on the silver screens a lot of times with prestigious actors playing them most often.

Though we have seen many villains in Batman films till now, but there are still a lot of interesting bad guys that we are yet to see on film. Here is a list of Batman villains we'd like to see in Ben Affleck's Batman films. These are all villains that we have not seen in live action films, so that rules out fan favourites like The Joker.

1) The Court of Owls

The Court of Owls are a relatively new group of villains that were introduced in Scott Snyder's Batman run. They are an organised crime group that have secretly controlled Gotham for many centuries. They wield considerable political influence that rivals even Bruce Wayne's. This would be a political as well as a physical struggle for Batman.

2) The Red Hood

What would we get if Batman started killing criminals? The Red Hood. In all ways, he is like an antithesis of Batman. Plus, he has the potential to make The Caped Crusader shy away from fighting him because of the little fact that he is (SPOILER WARNING) Jason Todd. Batman will be in no emotional state to fight him. And then there's also the thing that he is no doing anything wrong. He is doing the same thing as Batman (albeit in a different way).

3) Hush

Hush is a villain whose beef with The Dark Knight is as personal as it gets. He is a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne's who blames him for foiling his plan to get his parents killed. He is a sociopath by nature, but what makes him interesting is that even he wears a mask and has a secret identity. Even when he's himself (Tommy Eliott) he hates Bruce Wayne and as Hush he despises Batman.

That's all, folks! Hope you enjoyed the list and please do come back for my next one!


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