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Everyone seems to be in love with The Flash show these days, and yeah, there's a lot to love about the show, from the engaging main characters to the crazy good special effects (by TV standards), I was hooked on the show a while back. However, for all the people singing its praises, I can't help but feel that it isn't as good as a lot of people let on, at least not in my eyes anyway.

*spoilers for The Flash*

1) Super-speed

This is a problem that has to be carried over from the comics, but it doesn't make it any less of a issue. When your protagonist can move fast enough to shatter the time barrier, it kind of makes any bad guy he comes up against feel like they aren't exactly much of a threat. The show gets around this by... well it actually doesn't get around this at all. Usually it'll just have them get the drop on Flash, or overpower him when he realizes that they're stronger than him. However, it gets established early on in season one that Flash can throw sonic punches which can knock out people made of metal, as well as his ability to phase through matter by vibrating his molecules. But the show makes a nasty habit of showcasing these abilities for one episode and then forgetting about them later when they would be helpful. You can argue that this is a nitpick, yes, but it's something that consistently takes me out of the show because I'm yelling at Barry to just phase through the enemy's grip.

2) Villain of the week

This is the big one. I absolutely detest any show which isn't a comedy that adheres to a status-quo style of storytelling and unfortunately, The Flash falls into this trap more than once. There have been many sections of the story where nothing major is happening so we just get a new villain with a rushed back-story who will be dispatched by the end of the episode. Especially compared to when the show is in its stride and dealing with the fantastic Reverse-Flash story thread. There was a sustained period just after the beginning of season one where it was just a random meta showing up, causing a problem, and Flash dealing with them via a new power he discovers. It's lazy writing and functions simply to fill a gap in the programming schedule.

3) Destiny

no, not that one
no, not that one

The Flash has made use of the same gimmick as the new Star Trek did: an alternate timeline to the usual events due to some ruptures in the time-stream. While it makes good use of this with the Reverse-Flash, there are times where the idea of Barry being "destined" to become the Flash is brought up, or that the lightning bolt "chose" him. Destiny is a lazy trope used by writers to get a character from point A to point B without having to make it interesting or give them a journey. While it's an idea which isn't exactly heavily used in the show, it's there in a large enough capacity to annoy me at times.

Wrapping Up...

Look, I really do like this show, which is testament to what it does well, as I can see past all of the above. But I just felt that these were some things which needed to be said. Did you agree with my points or not? Either way, let us know below and until next time guys, enjoy your lives.


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