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Recently, the matter of bidding for the rights to the James Bond franchise has gained air. Its rumoured that the bidding war between the studios will begin early next year, probably after seeing the box office performance of the latest Bond movie, Spectre, as it hits the theatres this November. Its also said that Warner Bros. are likely to be the leading bidders, as Disney isn't showing much interest (may be because there isn't much 007 stuff to be included in a children friendly theme park, which has been the trademark of Disney).

The rights to the Bond franchise, which have been with Sony, are to expire after Spectre.

It has also come to light that the Warner execs. are keen to buy the rights. And if Warner Bros. win the bid, it will be a straight path to a Christopher Nolan Bond movie, perhaps in the near future. We all know that Christopher Nolan has shown interest in making a Bond film in the recent past, calling it his childhood dream. Also, he had sat down with the Bond producers to discuss the project. If Warner Bros. get the rights, then a future Christopher Nolan Bond movie can be a sure shot, as the studio has a close working relationship with the director. (Warner Bros. gave away the rights to two of its properties to Paramount for a stake in the Interstellar.)

And who knows, if Christopher Nolan is the main reason behind the studio showing interest in the Bond franchisee. Its known that Christopher Nolan holds a high opinion at Warner Bros., and not long ago, Nolan was offered the chair position for the Warner Bros. DC film Universe, which he declined, citing to other personal interests (such as a Bond film. may be).

And what if there is a plan at Warner Bros. to go all out for the bidding, and this movie is a Bond movie. That will definitely be something seriously crazy, and probably impractical and is just a foolish speculation right now. But Christopher Nolan is an ambitious person, who knows?


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