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Happy Halloween dear reader, what has happened today is kind of a new thing in gaming history a first timer, an indie game got a dlc. But, was the hype over it worth it? What are the new changes? New character's? So many questions, lets answer them one by one.

The Story:-

With the update there is not any new story arc to play through or any new area you play in. It's still the same house with the same kid and the same story which took some time to figure it all out and put everything in place. There are so many theories, speculations and rumors regarding the story and what actually happened but I think Scott Cawthon has told us enough.

New Characters:-

All the characters who were originally in the game make a comeback with some new entries such as Mangle and Balloon Boy. Mangle replaces Foxy and hides in the closet, you can stop her the same way you stopped Foxy and there is even a plushie that appears in you closet which looks very cute, but don't go the looks because her jumpscare is just as scary. Balloon Boy replaces Plushtrap in the mini-game, he moves a little faster as compared to Plushtrap and has a frightening jumpscare. Apart from that there is a new version of Chica and Bonnie called Jack-O-Chica and Jack-O-Bonnie respectively and the cupcake in Chica's hand is replaced with a Jack-O-Lantern who has his own jumpscare, the last new character is Nightmarionnet, but I didn't see her while playing, she is in the extras menu but I could not find her while playing.


All in all the update isn't a major update but it still is fun and feels like playing the game on really hard mode. The new characters are nice and the jumpscares will make you jump out of your seat. We must remember that this is an indie game and Scott did say on Steam that this isn't a major update.

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New characters.
New characters.
Scott on Steam.
Scott on Steam.

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