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Star War is looked at as one of, if not the most iconic and memorable movie franchises of all time. Even though the first Star Wars came out more than30 years ago, they are still loved and remembered. Every actor in the movies has become almost synonymous with their role. We all know Christopher Walken and Kurt Russel were almost cast as the iconic Han Solo, but did you know that another legendary actor was almost cast?

Tom Selleck Was Almost Cast As Han Solo?

The Hollywood Reporter got a chance to sit down and talk with Robert Englund (a.k.a. Freddy Krueger) about him auditioning for the role of Han Solo and Tom Selleck's audition as well:

"I heard Tom Selleck turned down the role of Han Solo. They wanted Han to be much older than Luke, like an Uncle. He was originally concieved as an uncle who comes home for the holidays that's a little nasty and a little dirty and drinks and smokes, but someone that's cool and heroic that you look up to."

Yep, the one and only Magnum P.I. almost stole from Harrison Ford. But this isn't the only role that Tom Selleck almost stole from Ford. It has been said that Selleck was almost cast as Indiana Jones as well.

Would Tom Selleck Have Made A Good Han Solo?

Although I am a HUGE fan of Tom Selleck and I think he is very consistent and solid actor, I think we are all happy that Harrison Ford did get the role in the end. Harrison brought a certain level of swagger to the character, something that I don't think Tom could have brought to the role. Harrison also had a great relationship with Luke, not as an uncle, but as a big brother type figure. Something that plays a key role in the movie.

Although Han Solo isn't the main character in the trilogy, he still has a major effect on the outcome of the movie, an effect that might have been different if Tom Selleck had been Han Solo.

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