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There's nothing worse when a franchise starts off really great with a fantastic idea, then Hollywood tries to suck all the life out of it. This is what happens with Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension.

Although I'm not a huge horror fan, I truly enjoyed what the Paranormal Activity movies were all about. Found footage that crept into our subconscious and slept there like a demon waiting to steal our souls. The idea of setting up a camera and watching people during there night time sleep, let us feel ok to feel like total creepers. Then seeing strange movements and unexplained noises without showing anything nailed the horror genre.

Unfortunately, Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension decided not to go that route. Instead we are offered a group of dumb characters who bumble with the most evil demon around. They poke and prod it like some science experiment. Too bad it bit them in the end, and ruined my wallet.

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