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The long awaited return of Ash from Housewares was realized last night as the Starz channel debuted Ash Vs Evil Dead, starring Bruce Campbell.

When the show was announced originally, I faced a dilemma. I have to see it. I do not have cable (haven't for years) and I don't want to wait for the end of the Season to buy it. What do I do? Am I doomed to become a victim of the Deadites because I cannot channel humanity's only hope through my television?

Thankfully, a buddy of mine hit a hot roll on the Craps table at a local casino and immediately subscribed to whatever package was necessary to watch Ash Vs Evil Dead on Starz (in the casino biz, we call this a "parlay"). So after the trick-or-treating festivities of the evening wrapped up, my kids laying in ruin on the wrong side of a sugar rush, I slipped down the street to catch the pilot episode. And it was awesome!

Bruce Campbell plays Ash, still a cog in the department store machine (though it appears the store is no longer S-Mart - probably a copyright issue) and still in hiding from the evil that he fought 30 years ago. He has a co-worker friend, Pablo, who appears as though he will be Ash's sidekick throughout, a new hire named Kelly who is NOT interested in Ash (but the moment will come when the thought crosses her mind), and a boss that is sick of slacker Ash's bullshit excuses.

Another character that I found pretty interesting is Amanda Fisher, played by Jill Marie Jones, a police officer that has a bizarre supernatural encounter she doesn't understand - or does she? She does not have any contact with Ash in the first episode, though the episode set up her story with a really cool scene and then left us hanging on the ambiguity of her confrontation with Lucy Lawless's character, Ruby.

Ash Vs Evil Dead's pilot had everything that fans of the series have wanted more of for years - Ash being Ash, Raimi's horror, slapstick gore, humor, deadites, blood, more blood, and that classic POV of the evil as it weaves through our world towards its target. My prediction is that this series is going to be groovy.


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