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We always remember those anime that have become cultural landmarks, by that I mean the extremely popular anime that never go away. However, a lot of anime are remembered because of pure shock value or how bad this anime is. What are some of the anime we wish we could forget? Well, I'm glad you asked.

1.) School Days

School Days is similar to the traditional high school love story...... at least for the first episode. The remaining twelve has the main character sleeping around with a lot of women, even though he was in a relationship. It doesn't exactly end well, with the girl he was cheating on going insane and killing him!

School Days is remembered specifically because of the meme that spawned from it. Do you guys remember the 'Nice Boat' meme? That came from School Days. You see, a girl had beheaded her father in a way similar to that of the final episode before the release. In order to prevent panic, the Network instead replaced the episode with calming music and pictures of a boat. However, it might not be as bad as the others on this list.

2.) Pupa

Pupa is the story about two siblings who get infected with a virus that turns any organism into a monster. But rather than turning into monsters, one gets regenerative abilities and the other turns back into a human eventually. That's the basic synopsis. In actuality, the manga (the book it was based off) was very good. However, the anime is on this list for a reason.

The anime essentially took random plot points from the manga and animated them with no real connection between the episodes. It left a cringing feeling, due to how disconnected the story was and how short it was (only twelve five-minute episodes). Pupa left a scattered story that just wasn't entertaining or fun to watch at all. I will never get that time back. Thanks Pupa.

3.) Diabolik Lovers

Diabolik Lovers is essentially the horrifying combination of the twelve year old anime fan's twilight and reverse-harem. A weak female protagonist, six male protagonists that are all sadistic psychopaths, and rushed plotlines. You know your anime is bad when the fans have made a drinking game based on it. I mean, at least it's over... right?

A second season?!

Are they really that bad?

To be honest, it all depends on the viewer. These were three that I personally disliked. There are thousands of animes out there, so find some that suit your fancy.


What are some anime you regret watching?


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