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It's a beautiful, beautiful day! You know why? It's the official countdown to The Lion Guard! Everyday I'll be doing a count down post to the premiere. When we know when the show will be released I'll do a countdown to that too. I'll give a basic run down of what will be in most countdown posts (some posts may have more of less than shown before. It all depends.)

Day 1 of 22

First we'll discuss any big news. Since this is a Simba's Pride news blog, the news will relate to The Lion King 2 aspects of The Lion Guard. Today we do have news:

A draft cover for Unlikely Friends:

Not only does this book take place in The Outlands, but it seems to have a Lion King 2 -like plot going on. (Which isn't a complaint, I'd love an episode like that.)

I'll even do a comparison with the book's description and Lion King 2.

"When Kion gets separated from the rest of the Lion Guard, he gets lost in the Outlands!"

"Kion has to be careful while he's in hyena territory because all hyenas are dangerous . . ."

"or are they?"

"Kion makes a new friend"

"and learns an important lesson"

Picture of the day

Again, like the news, this picture will have to do with a Simba's Pride element to The Lion Guard, so the picture may be of Kiara or The Outlands.

Here we have a picture of the official Lion Guard website, The caption for this image is "Kiara and Simba looking at the sunrise on top of Pride Rock." I love this image, as it mirrors the scene in the first Lion King where Mufasa and Simba do the same.

Things to Ponder

Usually questions or predictions in regards to The Lion Guard.

"Was Zira part of Scar's Lion Guard?"

Zira has shown unwavering loyalty to Scar all throughout Lion King 2, and even refused to join the Pride Lands after her whole Pride did. Perhaps she knew him at a young age. It's debatable whether or not she's a Pride Lander, but maybe she was. Cub Simba could've known her and interacted with her in instances we never saw. Maybe in the scenes that showed Scar, she was off hunting with the other lionesses. It's possible she could've been part of Scar's Guard, or at least a cubhood friend.

What I'm doing Today

Things I'm going to do, or have done. Might give you ideas on how to pass the time.

Marathoning Henry Danger with my Friends

Started saving some non perishable snacks for the premiere

(Possibly) Visiting my sister and seeing her new cat

Listening to ASMR videos

Hope you all have a beautiful day!


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