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Greeting faithful readers! Who & Ted here with another update for the Comic Market Watch. Here are the ten hottest comics that should be on your list!

1. Daredevil #4 (1964) -First appearance of Purple Man

With the first real trailer hitting the net for Marvel's Jessica Jones we finally got a glimpse of Zebediah Killgrave or the Purple Man played by David Tennant. This is the hottest book right now. Only a few months ago this book was selling for single digits and now a FN/VF is breaking $120! The show looks like it is going to be as good as Daredevil so expect any and all Silver age issues to continue to rise.

2. Alias #1- First Appearance of Jessica Jones

Again with the show's premiere it's obvious that the main characters first appearance is a hot item. High grades have been already breaking $100-$150 for some time and now there is little time to grab and affordable copy. Most listings are staring out above $60 for mid grade so if you see it for less buy it without hesitation.

3. Avengers #112 - First Appearance of Mantis

It was recently announced that Pom Klementieff had been cast to play Mantis in the upcoming sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. The first appearance of Mantis in Avengers #112 has always been a popular book but now expect it to be a very hot item. This too will see a large rise in price in the coming weeks so get it while you can.

4. Journey Into Mystery # 112 - First Thor vs Hulk

This book has always been a must have but it has cooled off a bit after the Avengers movie featured the battle on screen but now that Thor 3 has officially announced that it will feature Mark Ruffallo and the Hulk fans have been crawling back to this issue. Mid grade have always ran near the $100 mark so expect to pay more now and double by the time the film comes out.

5. Inhuman #1 (2014) (First Appearance of Lash)

While Lash is tearing up the new season of Agents of SHIELD be sure to grab his first appearance issue that is still affordable though not readily available.

6. Marvel Comics Presents #19 & Damage Control #1

Don't waste your time with the brief first appearance of Damage Control in 1988's Marvel Age Annual. No one cares about brief firsts appearances. Instead go for Marvel Comics Presents #19 the full first appearance of Damage Control as stated by Marvel. Also scoop the first issue of their mini series for extra points.

7.The Mighty Avenger 13- First appearance of the Secret Warriors.

A tough book to find cause it's not on anyone's radar with focus going more on Secret Warriors #1. But if you see it get it. This one has major potential.

8. Walking Dead (2003 Image) 69 First mention of Alexandria and first appearance of Heath.

Walking Dead is a great investment comic right now. Buy any first appearance and it is a guaranteed hit with the show running strong into its 6th season. Most first appearance comics jump from cover price to $30+ as soon as their characters are cast and if it is a major character you can be sure prices will go even higher,

9. Alias #24 - First appearance of Modern Age Purple Man

This book is still very much affordable but after the Jessica Jones trailer aired I noticed people paying $20+ for VF and up.

10. Walking Dead #100 First appearance of Neegan Death of [SPOILER ALERT]*

While the death of [SPOILER ALERT] is still up in the air the comic the show is based on is chugging along scratching names off the list. What's funny with the Walking Dead series is last appearances are hotter issues than first in some cases and this might be one of them. Not only do you get an introduction to the series most ruthless adversary but also a death that's right up there when it comes to most shocking and gut wrenching.

*UPDATE Neegan has just been cast on the Walking Dead so expect this book to skyrocket!


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