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So many theories and all types of speculation have been made, ever since the release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic-con trailer. I mean people are so excited for this movie, coming up with all these theories is what's keeping them going until the movie actually releases. Now I've made a few myself, and here's another that seems to fit.

I believe our beloved Scarlet Speedster himself Barry Allen was shown in that exact trailer, even if just for a brief moment. I mean, a lot of evidence points to it.

First., let's go off what we know according to Ezra Miller,(who is playing The Flash) will appear in next years team up film. But how exactly, is left to be said. Here's what I think:

There's this one scene in the trailer, where it shows someone walking through what appears to be a crime scene at Lexcorp.

I know it's Lexcorp since the scene where this person is walking through has a basketball on the floor, and if you remember from an earlier image released, it showed Lex Luthor in his own Basketball court. Also, something did happen at the Lexcorp that required the police. Barry works for the police, so naturally he shows up to help investigate what has happened.

Also not to mention test footage that was leaked earlier of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, seems to match up with what's happening.

So it all seems to add up nicely.

I realize it may be a stretch, but it's certainly plausible. Anyway, thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this little theory. Do you think the person walking through the destruction is Barry Allen? Let me know in the comments, and follow me for more content.


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