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The reboots are coming fast and furious as it was learned a while ago that there would be an Ocean's 11 reboot starring Sandra Bullock as the title character who will lead a team of thieves and charming crooks on a series of larger-than-life heists.The reboot is set to be produced by none other than George Clooney who also produced Our brand is Crisis, a film that he originally intended to star in until the script was retooled for the female starlet. Gary Ross, the director behind the first Hunger games movie, is onboard to helm the reboot, but it's unclear if he'll come back for potential sequels.

For those who don't know, Ocean's 11, in itself, is a remake of the 1960 film of the same name which starred Frank Sinatra as the title character. The reboot came in 2001 and was directed by Steven Soderbegh. Regarding the details of this reboot, it's unclear what the story will be about, but it will definitely involve a number of heists. Character details on Bullock's character remains a mystery, but it's speculated that she might be playing one of Ocean's embittered wives, or she's playing an original character created solely for the reboot.

When the news broke about this, there was immediate backlash from almost all corners of the web. Many called the idea of another remake "blasphemous" and "idiotic". Fans found themselves frustrated and annoyed that Warner bros would try to revisit this property, which many regard as sacred. Does there need to be a Ocean's 11 reboot? No. Is this remake necessary? Not really, but the studio is going to make it anyway. Fans can shun the remake and disown it all they want but the film will still go forward, and it will still come to fruition. Ensemble films like this entice studios because they can populate the picture with stars and talented actors, and once the studio starts making a wish-list for the actors they are shopping for, there's no chance of turning back, or cancelling the production. So until then, it's best to reserve judgement.


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