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The Story:

Jemma tells Fitz the story of what happened to her on the mysterious planet. We learn that she was saved by a man named Will who has been stuck there for 14 years. Before she was found, she went weeks without food and was frequently attacked by some sort of organism in a pool of water she finds. Will warns her of an evil lurking the planet which makes its presence when sandstorms occur. Jemma sees a figure during the storm dressed in black. She then works with Will to get off the planet by finding the location of the portal, which is across a canyon. They make their way to their destination, but the portal is farther than expected and they are unable to make it. Feeling defeated and witout hope, Jemma breaks down. She and Will share an intimate moment. After seeing a flare in the sky, Jemma says that Fitz is there to save them. They lose each other in the sandstorm and are chased by the "evil" figure. Fitz calls out to Jemma as she tries to find Will. The whole story comes full circle. Fitz then tells Jemma that they are going to get Will back. Will is seen walking around the planet.

The Action:

Most of the action in this episode was Jemma and Will running away from the sandstorm and that mysterious figure. The planet was pretty barren and had little life on it. It was awesome to see Jemma survive that long before meeting Will, though.

New Characters:

We meet the only other person stuck in this place other than Jemma, Will. There were only three (or maybe four) characters this episode and, boy, was he an interesting one. First I thought that he was an Inhuman or Kree, but it turns out that he was an astronaut whose friends all died on the planet. Or is Will part of something much bigger than he is letting on?

Character Interactions:

Jemma and Will: Jemma thought that Will was a cannibal, with Will thinking that Jemma was a hallucination. These two definitely did not get off on the right foot, but got closer as the episode went on. It was interesting to see how Jemma finally gave him hope of getting off of the barren planet. Being the only two on the planet, an intimate moment was bound to happen. It was more of a "it's nice to have company" sort of thing, however. Will saves Jemma, and that's enough for me to know that he's a good guy.

Jemma and Will vs. The Planet: There's a theory down below as to why I put this as an interaction. Something did not want them to leave, as Will kept pointing out. He explained that "it" was evil and that it did things to trick you. He also said that the planet could have been an oasis at some point in time before it changed. I wonder what he meant by that?

Fitz and Jemma: These two are obviously still very much in love, it's just the circumstances are yet again not in their favor. After hearing Jemma's story, Fitz immediately says they are going back in to save Will. It takes a man to save someone who made out with your lady friend, I'll say that much.

What's to Come/Theories:

There are a couple of theories we threw out there while doing our podcasts as to where Jemma was and how it would tie into other MCU properties. We talked about it being an old Inhuman world or even the Negative Zone. Then after doing some more research, we decided that 'Ego the Living Planet' could be the exactly where she was. Almost everything we saw in the episode from the planet had the same characteristics as Ego. Maybe Ego was once an oasis but when discovered by humans using the Kree portal, Ego decided to change environments. Ego is know to have plantlike growth on the planet, project humanoid figures to store its conscience in and control itself down to a molecular level. We saw a lot of that in this episode, too. Another thing is that it ties into Thor as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy. We've seen Thor being teased into [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469), so this is a pretty interesting way to do that.

Final Thoughts:

Episode 5 blew our freaking minds! Theories and thoughts just flooded our brains about where this show could go in the future. Say what you will about the MCU, they do an amazing job of incorporating new heroes, villains, and worlds into every one of their properties. This episode alone opened up a new door of possibilities for the show.

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