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Evil Dead and Spider-Man director, Sam Raimi, has never been shy when addressing comments or inquires concerning the fan favorite wall-crawler. During an interview with The Week, Raimi sat down to discuss Ash vs Evil Dead and found himself, yet again, fielding Spider-Man related questions.

While the first two films of the Spider-Man trilogy are universally loved, it is no secret that the third entry failed to live up to the hype of its predecessors. Even Raimi, who directed and co-wrote Spider-Man 3, admittedly stated "I messed up on the third one.” Raimi went on to say:

I think [simply trying to raise the stakes after Spider-Man 2] was the thinking going into it, and I think that’s what doomed us. I should’ve just stuck with the characters and the relationships and progressed them to the next step and not tried to top the bar.

Raimi's comments appear to reflect the main complaints of the widely panned third installment, namely an overcrowded cast with far two many story arcs. Along with what appears to be a few regrets concerning the franchise, Raimi also discussed the possibility of returning to the Spider-Man story.

I think they’re so complete now, Marvel. They probably don’t need me anymore. But if they needed me? I’d love to. It’s great to be wanted.

Seeing as the main problems with the last installment of the Spider-Man trilogy were mainly story related, and not so much directing issues, I think I speak for most fans when I say I would love to see Sam Raimi come to the franchise in the future for a proper send off.


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