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As rabid fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may already know, General Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross is coming back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). Some sources say Ross won't be getting the Blonsky treatment so he can hulk-out during the movie, other sources aren't so sure he won't. This article is going to set out to prove through pure speculation that Red Hulk IS going to make an appearance.

During all the discussion going back and forth there has been zero speculation on one little detail that may have slipped through the cracks, until now! Some of you readers may play a massively popular game called Marvel Future Fight on your android or IOS powered personal devices. Personally, I have been playing since it first hit the app stores. For those who do not play the game, the reason this game, which by its very nature would seem at face value to have absolutely nothing to do with a CINEMATIC universe, is important is because of all the marvel games out in nature at the moment IT is the one most closely tied to the MCU and the MCU on TV. Let me explain.

When the game first arrived on the App store, you had your choice of heros and villains who had appeared in Marvel movies, but not those owned by Fox. Spiderman and his villains were in the game, before the deal was announced that Sony and Disney were going to let Peter Parker into the MCU, which leads me to believe that, behind the scenes, the game developers are privy to some information that does not make its way to the news feeds until much much later. Since the game was first released every major update, with the exception of the Secret-Wars and Halloween updates, has been tied to coincide with either a MCU Brand, a MCU movie release, or a MCU TV season premier. In fact, Marvel is intimately involved in the game, from big name writers helping craft the dialogue and plot of the game, to people like Bill Rosemann the head of Marvel Games using the game as a de-facto platform to promote different changes occurring in the overarching Marvel Universe.

Now that you people who haven't played the game (hint, you should play the game its amazing, kind of like if Marvel adapted Ultimate Alliance for your phone) understand why the Marvel Game Universe can be important for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, let me explain the link you have all been waiting for!

Red hulk was introduced during the second major update, colloquially known as the Ant-man update, which was interesting at the time because every update (there had only been one) that introduced characters only introduced characters who had been in a single MCU brand. Admittedly, my only prior knowledge of him was through Disney's Agents of SMASH, so I assumed him to be a hero. However, in-game, he is categorized as a Villain. An interesting departure from his modern role in the comic universe, and his established Disney Cartoon role. Taking when he was introduced and with whom (which is to say with the tail-end of phase 2 brands) and his description (which is different from his current status) into account, I speculate that Red Hulk MUST appear in either Captain America Civil War as a Villain, or in another movie down the road as a Villain.

Personally, I really think William Hurt looks JUST like Ross, so I cant believe Marvel is going to just sit on the Red Hulk. What do you think?


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