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Supernatural is 4 episodes into season 11 and we've already seen the return of John Winchester, maybe not in the form we all wanted but, it's better than nothing and kind of proves that John Winchester plays a big part this season!

This article will contain spoilers from the entire series of Supernatural, so if you're not caught up, I suggest you go catch up and come back to this article after!

5. Jesse Turner

Talk about a major letdown. We last saw Jesse Turner in Season 5.06 "I Believe the Children Are Our Future" and after that, he disappeared. According to Castiel, he was destined to become the Antichrist and eventually, would destroy the Host of Heaven.

If there's one thing I really hate about Supernatural, it's the fact that every time they have a good story, they end it before it can even start. A few others are in Season 6 when Cas becomes God after swallowing all the souls from Purgatory. In Season 10 when Dean is a Knight of Hell. And, back in Season 5 when they had the Antichrist story. It was done in one episode.

According to every wiki site, Jesse is still alive. With the one year time jump at the end of Season 5, and the end of Season 7, plus the 6 real-time years it's been since then, he'd be at least 16-18 by now which is the perfect age for him to be a major villain, or a one-shot episode villain. Either way, Jesse Turner needs to return to the show.

4. Gabriel

I don't think I need to say much about this guy! He returned in Season 9 but, is he actually alive, or is he dead? I'm still not sure but, he is The Trickster after all.

Richard Speight is directing episode 7 in Season 11 titled "Just My Imagination" which is about Sam's imaginary friend but, it also seems like the perfect episode for Gabriel, a.k.a., The Trickster, to return. He probably won't in that episode but, I have a good feeling he'll return in Season 11.

3. Lucifer

Lucifer played a big part in stopping the Darkness the first time and he was the first bearer of the Mark of Cain, which kept the Darkness locked away.

There's been two hints so far in Season 11 about Lucifer's return, and with the Darkness released once again, it's the perfect opportunity for Lucifer to return. How awesome would it be to see Mark Pellegrino again?!

2. Bobby Singer

Ah, Bobby. What a beautiful soul you are. We last saw Bobby in Season 10.17 "Inside Man" and by the end of the episode, it looked like he was going to get seriously punished for helping Castiel get Metatron out of Heaven.

Whether he returns for just one episode or a series regular, whether it's as a spirit on Earth or in Heaven, we need at least one more appearance from Bobby and we need to find out what happened in Heaven or what's going to happen.

1. God

I know what some of you may be asking yourselves: "Wait, God's been on the show before?" Well, if you're like me, then you also know that Chuck is God.

Chuck, a.k.a., God, made a very brief appearance in Supernatural's 200th episode "Fan Fiction." Other than that, we haven't seen him since the Season 5 finale "Swan Song."

This season is pre-biblical. It's about the Darkness. Last time it took God, and his 4 Archangels to stop the Darkness so this time shouldn't be any different. And I highly doubt two humans and a damaged angel will be able to stop it.. Or wait, that's probably what will happen. Supernatural logic at it's finest.

Honourable Mentions

  • John Winchester, older version
  • Michael
  • Ellen and Jo
  • Mary Winchester
  • Charlie

What do you think of my list? Is there someone else you'd like to see return? Tell me in the comments!

Supernatural season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.


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