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Aw yes... Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens... I am in a constant state of anxiety and impatience at this point. We are SO close to the major release but more realistically, we are so , very, very far away. While we all wait for this behemoth of a movie to be released, all of us are trying to get any new tidbits we can about it. When the trailer dropped we all went utterly berserk but now there is a lull in the hype. We haven't gotten any new pictures. We haven't heard any new interviews or conventions. So now we're looking for the little things.

An underrated source of news-- especially for these gigantic movies-- is the toys. When Force Friday hit we can all sorts of recording and costume designed that we didn't really see before but that was weeks ago. For Halloween, my little brother decided to be Kylo Ren. So to help him out with that costume, I purchased a 30$ lightsaber from the neighbourhood convenience store. Where am I going with this? Well to have this prop-- this very controversial and already insanely popular prop-- in my own hands, I learned a lot more about this character and his signature weapon than any trailer could show me. I thought my discoveries were pretty cool and interesting so here I am to show them off to you!

Let's get started!

5) The Handle Itself

When you watch the trailers and see this gorgeous lightsaber light up, all you can really see is the blade. Yes, its' very impressive and definitely going to be an icon of this new trilogy. But we can't quite see the handle. Having it with me, in my hand, I got to learn a lot about it. Firstly, it seems to a thicker handle than most ligthsabers. Now, that might just be the toy that I have with the batteries inside making it larger but compared to the other sabers my brother's and I have collected, this one definitely has the most girth. It's also a long handle, most likely for double handed wielding not for a single hand or fencing style; most likely for powerful but not neat strikes. The newest thing about this handle isn't the size though, but the look. Whereas most of the lightsabers we've become acquainted with throughout the films are most silver with black accents, this one is almost completely black with very little silver on it. There are also exposed sections of the ligthsaber's innards and wires running on the outside of the handle. This all gives it a very crude, very home-made and unprofessional look; adding to the theory that Kylo Ren made it himself without proper training.

4) The Saber Design

This was my favorite part of the lightsaber. While most lightsaber toys have just solid colors for the blade portion, this one has a very intricate design. We've seen this in the trailers and promotional material, that his lightsaber is less of a laser beam and more of a cylindrical flame. The design on the blade mimics this with a slightly raised portion of the blade swirling and diving like a flame. This just goes to show how crazy and probably unstable this lightsaber will be and by extension, Kylo Ren. I love the idea of an unbalanced lightsaber; one that has something along the lines of solar flares or sparks coming off of it. It's just so much more gritty compared to the classic, solid beam with colored accents around it. This isn't really a new discovery but one that was reaffirmed to me the second I examined the saber.

3) The Ignition

As Star Wars fans we should all know this scene very well by now; it's only in almost every trailer... Kylo Ren lighting up with saber. It was the first time we saw the crossguard or any hint of the big bad of Force Awakens. This scene had everyone talking for weeks, maybe months. Something I liked and noticed about the lightsaber was one, the toys all light up the same as the movie (blade first, crossguard second) and two, the two side blades seem to be more of a necessity and less of a luxury. Let me explain. Since Kylo made his lightsaber himself-- and for arguments sake, let's assume he did-- he wouldn't have the training to make a focused lightsaber. Since his has a crude handle and unstable blade, the crossguard sections of the blade are really exhaust ports. The lightsaber doesn't just slide out of the top of his handle like we've seen every other lightsaber do; it explodes outwards violently. My theory-- and lots of the internet's-- is that in order to maintain a blade, the lightsaber has to emit the excessive energy out the sides; which is why the crossguard opens second and kind of blows out of the sides.

2) The Sound

I adore the hum and clash of a lightsaber. It is such a unique and easily identifiable sound that all fans have hummed at one point. It's almost impossible to pick up a PBC pipe or even a pool noodle without making these iconic sounds. The "voom, voom, spah!" of lightsaber combat is one of the many things that made Star Wars endlessly novel. Kylo Ren's lightsaber on the other hand, doesn't make the sounds we all know. When ignited, the usual sliding out sound is replaced by a little explosion. The low hum of lightsaber ready for combat is instead a deep roar-- almost a snarl-- which seems to be churning and boiling inside the saber. It's very intimidating and quite sinister. When coming in contact with another saber, the regular light saber makes a little clashing sound but not this one... Kylo Ren's saber has this very new sounds like lightning striking or powerlines overpowering. It's electric, it's fast, it emits power.

1) The Practicality

This was definitely the funnest part of my examination. Naturally, you can't purchase a lightsaber and deck yourself out in Star Wars garb without dueling anyone that's willing. My other brother was Obi Wan for Halloween so, although they will never fight in the films, we got to see what would happen if they did. I've got to say, I understand now why a lightsaber with crossguards would be beneficial. It adds a new element to the fight, a much more ferocious element because even in a class, I have the upper hand. If we're locking lightsabers, I can slide mine up and knock his away with the crossguard. It also makes you feel powerful and strong with this blade, giving obvious mental advantages. Before I was wondering why it would even help but I'm glad now that it's actually practical and helpful.

So this was just my fun little article about a fun toy (yes, I'm not too old to play with toys. You will never outgrow lightsabers). Nothing much in the realm of news but mostly discussion. I love having fun, creative, and civil conversations about the many great things that bring us all together. So if you also enjoy talking Star Wars and everything about it, comment below and if I'm interested, I will reply!

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Thank you and have a good one!


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