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If you’re someone trying to follow all the news on the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice then you’ve probably been hearing quite a lot about Robin, the boy wonder. This is thanks to the never ending rumours about which Robin is dead, whether or not one will show up in the film itself and the recent story about the next Batman solo film being about a dead Robin returning from the grave. But if you haven’t read the thousand necessary comics you need to understand all the lore about Robin, then you’ve probably been fairly confused by a lot of this. So without further ado, here are the most important people to ever take up the mantle of Robin, and how they may tie into the upcoming DC Extended Universe.

1) Dick Grayson

The original and most well known Robin, this is the guy you’ll most likely be familiar with. His parents were killed by criminal Tony Zucco while performing at a circus, and Bruce Wayne took him under his wing, in order to try and give Dick (stop chuckling) a better life than he had himself. However, when Dick finds out about Bruce’s alter-ego, he decides he wants to help with Batman’s crusade against crime, so he becomes Robin for a number of years. Later on though, he outgrows the whole sidekick business and moves away from Gotham to Bludhaven in order to forge his own lot in life as a new hero: Nightwing. In terms of how he may tie into Batman’s world in the upcoming films, there are two major possibilities. Either he is dead, (as has been rumoured before) or he is already Nightwing. Personally, I favor the latter option, as we’re seeing an older Batman than usual, so it would make sense for Dick to have already moved on.

2) Jason Todd

Found trying to steal tyres from the Batmobile, Bruce saw a fire in Jason and trained him to be the second Robin. This unfortunate guy’s most notable acheivement in Batman continuity was to die. Yup, that’s what he’s remembered for most, being beaten within an inch of his life by the Joker and then blown to kingdom come. Still, since when has being dead ever been a major obstacle in comics? So naturally he comes back to life thanks to a Superman from an alternate Earth punching reality (you know, it’d be a lot easier if you just didn’t ask). He doesn’t come back as a hero, however, but rather as the villain Red Hood, a moniker that Joker has used in the past. He goes to war with Batman, trying to destroy everything he stands for and tries to convince him that killing the Joker is the only way to save hundreds of lives. This is the story which will allegedly be adapted for Ben Affleck’s solo venture as the Caped Crusader.

3) Tim Drake

Tim is one of the most severly underrated of the Robins. You may know him from the Arkham video game series, but in case you’re wondering, here’s his backstory. Deducing Batman’s secret identity at an incredibly young age, Tim observes the Dark Knight becoming more and more like those he fights against after the tragic loss of his previous partner (who we just covered). So Tim approaches Bruce Wayne and offers to take up the Robin mantle, holding onto the belief that a Robin is necessary to mantain a balance in Batman’s life. Discovering the uncanny detective skills that Tim possesses, Bruce accepts Tim’s offer and attempts to do right by him in order to make up for the mistakes he made with Jason. Tim becomes a trusted companion and even forges his own symbol as the Red Robin when Batman goes missing. In terms of how we might see him appear, it’s most likely that he'll be seen becoming the new Robin, but probably not in the first solo film we see if it is dealing with Jason Todd, as it will have too much ground to cover in order to introduce Tim as well.

4) Damian Wayne

This little guy is the only biological son of Bruce Wayne here. The offspring of Batman and Talia al Ghul, he was raised by the League of Assassins to be the ultimate warrior, and to take the place of its leader; Ra's al Ghul when he grows into manhood. Naturally though, when Bruce discovers Damian, he takes him in as his own and raises him to become a more morally upstanding hero, as the League taught him to be a killer, something that comes into direct conflict with Batman's way of doing things. There are two sides to Damian's chances of appearing in a film. On one hand, it would require establishing the League of Assassins again, as well as playing out the whole father-son at war dynamic. However, he did gain a prominent role in the animated film Son of Batman, and DC have recently been using animation as a trial run for their live-action films. So there's a decent enough chance that we'll see Damian at some point down the line, but I wouldn't expect him too soon.

Wrapping Up...

There are more Robins out there to discover, but those are the main four, with the biggest chances of appearing in live-action. I unfortunately didn't talk about Stephanie Brown or Carrie Kelly, as they deserve their own space. But who do you want to see most in Batman's solo movies? Personally I'm all for Dick Grayson, the original and arguably best. Still, they're all pretty incredible characters, so I'm down for seeing any of them. But that's just my opinion guys, so until next time, enjoy your lives.


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