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There’s been a lot of discussion over who the person wielding that cross-blade lightsaber really is under that mask. Now, it’s almost definitely not Luke, because Adam Driver is playing the character and we clearly see his big mop of hair in the latest trailer. However, that doesn't mean that it isn't someone from the expanded universe, now dubbed “Legends” after the Disney takeover. As has been stated by people in authority though, sometimes legends are true, just ask Han Solo.

1) Garen Malek

The secret apprentice of Darth Vader who was raised and trained as an assassin by said Sith lord since childhood, Garen is a fan favourite character thanks to the hit game The Force Unleashed. Now, if you've played the game then you’ll know that it can’t be the exact same character, there are too many contradictions and age problems. However, if the story was tweaked slightly then I could see the character fitting the bill nicely. Maybe he was only just taken in by Vader when the empire fell, and went into hiding for the following thirty years, only to return with the goal of finishing what his master started. If I were to clutch at straws, I’d bring up that the big laser station we saw in the poster for The Force Awakens is rumoured to be called the Starkiller base. I would then point out that the name which Garen Malek goes by for the whole of the game he stars in, is Starkiller.

2) Jacen Solo

The son of Han and Leia, Jacen was trained by Luke to become a Jedi, but then fell to the dark side, taking up the moniker Darth Caedus. He's one of the best characters to come out of the Expanded Universe, achieving such feats as killing Luke's wife. However, what sets Jacen apart from any other sith lord, is that he's tragically sympathetic. Headstrong, young and powerful, we see his journey from loyal son to obsessive villain and can't help but feel for him the whole way. In all honesty, this choice is quite a high probability, as having Skywalker blood would account for his devotion to Darth Vader, although I wouldn't be surprised if much of his backstory (and even his name) is tweaked in the film.

Wrapping Up...

To be fair, there's a good chance Kylo Ren is an original character, after all, not everyone is a Skywalker. At least, I sure hope not. Still, if he is someone we know, I'd put money on it being one of the two guys above, although I'd have to admit that Garen Malek is a long shot. The reality is that I don't know, so what do you think of my two candidates? Whatever your thoughts, post them below, and until next time, enjoy your life.


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