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Unofficial 'Oscar season' is finally here, and the debate for Best Actor has already begun. 23 Academy Awards experts have weighed in on this year's crop of potential nominees and the race at the top looks to be a photo finish.

The graph above displays how experts have viewed the Best Actor Award race over the past few months, and it appears that Michael Fassbender has taken an early yet commanding lead. However, it should be noted that Fassbender's film, Steve Jobs, is already in theaters, while the highly anticipated Leonardo DiCaprio led film, The Revenant, is slated for a limited Christmas day release. Both Johnny Depp and Eddie Redmayne, for Black Mass and The Danish Girl respectively, have wowed and even surpassed DiCaprio, as far as predictions are concerned. Yet, with each bit of news along with the most recent trailer, it appears as though DiCaprio has hung in the fight and looks to make one final push for his Academy Award campaign when The Revenant is finally released next month.

With two months of Oscar eligible performances left to surprise fans and voters alike, speculation and predictions have been increasing in both number and frequency.

If the most recent trailer for The Revenant is any indication, it appears that Oscar voters will have a tough decision to make in the coming months.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for a Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar three times in his career (The Aviator, Blood Diamond, Wolf of Wall Street), but the golden statue has continued to evade him at each turn. A win for Michael Fassbender would also mark his first.


Who do you think will win the Oscar for Best Actor?


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