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The phenomenon 'Found Footage' film franchise has come to an end... not with a bang, as we would have hoped. But with a cough and a splat. I am not a downer on these films. I am not one to say 'Do something original', because I believe they were original... It was other films since the first PA in which they took from.

Since The Marked Ones (well, since they introduced time travel), we have all been hanging out to see what happens next in the saga of Hunter Rey. Instead of focusing on the plot in which they have been since day one... they introduce us to a family we do not care for... Similar to PA4.


So as we know... Hunter was beamed back to 1992 for some weird ritual. The young girl from PA:TGD was also being sort after to be thrown back into 1992. Hunter disappeared. He didn't come back... So after the little girl was seen walking into the Ghost Hole... why did she come back? For what purpose?

I kinda knew when I went into the cinema that the 3D effect will only be for the Ghost Dimension. So why tell me to put my 3D Glasses on at the start of the bloody movie! I wear real glasses and I can't bloody see in the dark... I MISSED ALMOST THE FIRST 5 MINUTES thinking something was gonna come out and get me!

What should have happened at the end? Toby's human form (of whom we see legs of), should have picked up the camera and showed us Micah. That would have been awesome. Micah in 1992 as Toby? That would have been EPIC! But no... Just the feet.

If you're going to see it... and you've read this far... see it in a cinema full of 15 - 16 year old girls. It's the most fun I've had in a while. There was seriously one girl who yelled "FUCK OFF" in a jump scare. Gotta love Australian bogan babes.


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