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September 19th was a day all South Park fans remember greatly. It was the day that changes had happened to the small mountain town with the sliding timescale. What started these changes? A mysterious man whom replaced Principal Victoria with an aggressive stance against people whom he believe are attacking others.

This man, is PC Principal.

But who is this man? Who is he to come in and change the status quo of the town that had so much happen to it?

Well, let's take a look shall we?

First thing we know is that he is an adult, by the townspeople's words, a college kid. Possibly, a recent graduate or someone whom had graduated and traveled using his methods and spreading his PC philosophy.

Second, is that he's very insecure. The smallest thing that goes against him causes him to be "triggered."

If he gets triggered enough the results can be, well...

Such aggression comes from being insecure and steadfast in beliefs of course. But also while dealing with someone whom is finally standing up to their abuser. Now I know what you're thinking, "What do you mean by abuser?" Well aside from Cartman's usual penchant for attacking people in, what he considers, his own personal fun. There might be something more. We'll come back to this.

Next is of course his aggression to other students. Most prevalent is the female student, Leslie.

Why does he feel such animosity to the young girl? Well it could be because he views her actions as disrespect to his methods and has become used to attacking her for the littlest things. But, what if it's something more? Like not knowing how to deal with an attraction given his current status?

I know this is getting weird but there's a pay off, I promise guys. The reason I'm laying this all down right here is because I believe I've figured out the real identity of PC Principal.

And that person is none other than...

Phillip "Pip" Pirrup

That's right. The English student, constantly bullied and given the title of "melvin" (a title formerly shared with Butters and his friend Dougie), is the American Principal, somehow aged to adulthood and made principal of his alma mater.

How is that possible? I hear some of you asking right now, especially given that Pip...

Yeah, that happened. But you also have to remember. This is South Park, they have crab people, Cthulhu and Kenny dies all the time but keeps coming back. All under mysterious circumstances that no one seems to question. Except Kenny on the occasion, primarily when it concerns his origins.

Pip had suffered at the hands of Cartman, just as so many had done before, and South Park does have it's fair share of clandestine bases in close proximity of each other.

Really clandestine...super cereal you guys.
Really clandestine...super cereal you guys.

So it stands to reason that a place like South Park would be able to clone Pip, advance his aging, teach him all they think he would need to know and maybe, just maybe, have him start at the town that started it all for him.

That's right guys, the biggest mystery of South Park revealed. What every happens from here, let's pray the boys are ready...

My god, cocaine's a hell of a drug kids.

As you can probably guess, this is a joke but I want you guys to do me a favor and just play it straight. I want to see what happens if we play it straight and just let this all happen. Make comments just acting like it's amazing but never let anyone know what exactly happened.

Thanks guys.


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