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Isaiah Nick Vorderstrasse
...ting toilet read (meaning that I read this while I say on the toilet, not that this was crap or anything). A lot of this stuff ranged from a little to very farfetched, but some of this did make some sense. This could very well be a sequel to the Dark Knight Trilogy or may be not, anything can happen as far as movies and media go. If this is all true, than that would mean DC will have just created one of the most unique cinema history since the MCU's connection starting with the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. I'm a Libra, so I take everything into consideration and contemplate over all evidence I am given, and you sir gave a lot. But just because it is "evidence", that does not mean it its planted to framed or to red-harring. I must admit that when you said Mr. Affleck was Slade Wilson, I was both laughing and considering the idea simultaneously. But it's an extremely sketchy and risky move to make when the film is "supposed" to be the second chapter of an expanding univere (following Man of Steel). I'm currently reading the original Thesis now (thanks to your link) and if this is the "summary" then I'm in for a night without any kind of sleep. Maybe I'll be the third Batman afterwards! I jest of course. I did in fact enjoy this article, it was most intriguing. You handled the situations and ideas/concepts very well and we're very factual. I, though, will not agree with your statements entirely until the hard evidence (the film itself) is released and I've seen it with my own eye (Deathstroke pun...never mind). You've done quite a bit of research and have conducted quite an article (whether truth or imagination), I plan to read more of your articles.

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