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Tales From The Hood is one of the movies I saw as a young girl that made me a horror lover for the rest of my days. It's been 20 years since the film's release and its cult following is still stronger than ever. Why has it been so long since the first one was released without an accompanying sequel? Sadly, there has never been a horror movie as good as this oriented towards the black audience in 20 years and that more than anything is reason for pause.

According to the creator/writer and director, Rusty Cundieff, Universal is not at all interested in doing a sequel even today. As a die-hard fan of this film, this news really pissed me off. If over done films like Halloween and Friday The 13th could get a million sequels why can't this film get one? Here are 4 reasons why we need a Tales From The Hood 2 now!

The stories are still so relevant

It's sad, but impressive, that the stories portrayed in Tales From The Hood are still so relevant today. From the segment about police brutality to the story about domestic abuse, every single story is still relevant to the black community today. Considering there are only 4 stories in this film, it only begins to scrape the surface of the problems that the black community is facing. Imagine what they could do with a part 2?

The movie was put together with a small budget

The original film was made with approximately $6 million and received much needed backing when director Spike Lee got involved as a producer. If they could come up with something so socially biting and equally scary, imagine what they could do if a big studio put a lot of money behind it. Tales From The Hood 2 would instantly be a modern day classic.

Black films are blowing up at the box office

Suspense and thriller films with African-American casts have been blowing up the box office lately. Both No Good Deeds and The Perfect Guy were #1 when they premiered at the box office. Yes, black people go to the movies and they want to see movies with people that look like them. I know so many African-Americans such as myself who love horror, but it dismays us the lack of diversity in the genre.

Black horror Films are no where to be found

There has never been a film like Tales From The Hood in 20 years. That's a ridiculous problem that I really don't understand. How many black filmmakers have wanted to make a film like Tales, but couldn't get the funding for it or were afraid that all of their hard work wouldn't be marketed to the masses? Horror films might be slowly drowning in sequels, but this is a sequel that really needs to happen!


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