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It is rare these days that a television series will last more than about 5 series. And if it does, it generally leaves a trail of faithful followers behind, wishing that they had never viewed the final episode, so that they don't have to accept the fact that it is really over.

In such cases, the actors & actresses will age over time, meaning that the child in the first series will be a grown teenager at the end. Just like when you look at yourself in the mirror, you don't realise the way characters change incrementally from episode to episode. However when you look back at beginning and then at the end, you more often than not will step back and proclaim a 'wow' with a silly smile.

I am one of those viewers that become very attached to the characters and it always takes a few days for me to get over the either very satisfying or unsatisfying ending. In the case of the finale of season 1 of 24 (Kiefer Sutherland), I have never recovered.

Last night my fiancee' and I finished off Mad Men Season 7. Now as a side note, I was rather underwhelmed with the ending.

However I will say that I have been wanting to have Stan and Peggy together since the beginning... a.k.a. the naked room scene. So that was satisfying. I was glad with Pete also. But Don's *peaceful* ending... well that is a topic for another article.

But what shocked me while watching the special features, was seeing the young faces of all the characters in their first appearances. For those who forgot that Peggy was once a skinny girl with bangs, well prepare to be shocked. Enjoy!

Don Draper

Peggy Olsen

Pete Campbell

Betty Draper/Francis

Joan Harris

Roger Sterling

Harry Crane

Stan Rizzo

And the greatest transformation goes to...

Sally Draper

End of an Era

It is always an astonishing thing to see child actors grow up over the course of a series, and Sally takes the transformation award. She really grew up and looks completely like a 20 year old.


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