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The lovable Count Dracula and his gang return in this hilarious sequel along with a few new faces, most notably that of his grandson, Dennis, Mavis and Johnny's son. The movie is surprisingly intense as Dracula struggles to accept that his beloved grandson may never become a vampire like him.

When Mavis and Johnny go to California to visit his family, Dracula is determined to bring out the vampire in Dennis, no matter what. He enlists the aid of his friends and they set out on a mission, unbeknownst to Mavis. But after several disastrous attempts, Mavis becomes convinced that Dennis would be better of living in California and decides to move out after Dennis' birthday. As the day approaches and Dennis still shows no vampiric inclinations, Dracula must decide what's more important: tradition or his family.

While we don't see nearly as much of Johnny and Mavis as we did in the first movie, their love for Dennis is powerful and unconditional. I would have liked to see more of their journey as a married couple before Mavis got pregnant, rather than going from newlyweds almost immediately to parents. Mavis' excitement at seeing Johnny's hometown is cute, but a little much when compared to the other elements of the story.

I also didn't enjoy Dracula's friends as much this time around. They seemed to repeat the same jokes from the first movie a little too closely and didn't seem as connected to the main story. The main plot seemed more emotionally intense and less light-hearted, which is okay, but I still missed the fun undercurrents that prevailed during the first movie.

Sprinkled with gags and dry wit, this is overall a pretty solid sequel to the first film. The message is strong and positive, and it shows growth in the main characters. I will definitely own this movie, bleh bleh bleh!


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