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Recently, I reviewed Batman: Endgame, courtesy of Moviepilot. But let's be honest, what's a Batman book without its evil counterpart? The Joker: Endgame collects issues of Batman, Batgirl, Detective Comics, Arkham Manor, and Gotham Academy.

Though each of the stories features a different protagonist, it becomes abundantly clear that the Joker is the star of the show, just the way he likes it. The issues collected give us a unique perspective that we rarely see. His long, slow torture of an investigative journalist is played out over several years. His mental domination of the entire Justice League is showcased. Even his acting that's skillful enough to fool Batman is put in the limelight.

Of course, this angle isn't perfect. The addition of other, somewhat unrelated, stories between the issues of the main Batman: Endgame story make it a little difficult to actually follow the plot.

That slight difficulty pales in comparison to the truly terrifying stories included, particularly the journalist, and the escaped Arkham inmates. I won't spoil either, but I can tell you that both will open a door to the victim's perspective on Joker that's rarely been depicted, and even more rarely depicted this well. Not even the most hardened, insane killers are safe from the Pale Man.

It's hard to review the book's writing or art, as there are a variety of both writers and artists who contributed. Snyder and Capullo are fantastic as usual. Other standouts include James Tynion IV and Roge Antonio, who teamed up on one of the best stories in the book, 'Friends.' Tynion shines again in his writing of the Pale Man, along with fantastic art by Kelley Jones.

The book as a whole is a treat to read and view, especially for any fans of the Joker. It encompasses every aspect of his character in ways few books really have. It's well worth the price tag for comic veterans and newcomers alike.


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