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Star Wars is one of the most popular movie franchises of all time. What comes along with popularity though, is one major question: what order should you watch the movies in? Should you watch the movies in chronological order, or should you watch them by release date? Everybody has their opinion on what to do. But what is the correct order? Well, I think we finally know the answer.

Say A Warm Welcome To The Machete Order

No, not the First Order, the Machete Order. The Machete Order allows you to watch the saga without having to suffer through all the prequels at one time, but still keeping the major father/son reveal intact. Let's get to the order in which you should watch the movies:

1. Star Wars: The New Hope

By watching Star Wars: The New Hope first, it allows for the introduction of the main characters such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, etc.

2. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Now on to the second movie in the Machete Order. By watching this movie second, it allows for the major reveal that Darth Vader is in fact Luke's father. Something that wouldn't have been possible if you would have watched the prequels first.

3. Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones

If you watch Attack Of The Clones third, it functions as a flashback looking at the life of Anakin Skywalker, without already knowing about his inevitable death.

4. Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith

Another movie meant to serve as a flashback, Revenge Of The Sith shows why exactly Anakin is Darth Vader, and how and when Luke and Leia come into the picture.

5. Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

Arguably the most important movie on this list, Return Of The Jedi sums up and finishes the Machete Order. It allows for a pretty emotional ending, with you already knowing the back story of Anakin and Luke.

Wait, But Where's The Phantom Menace?

The way I, and many others see it is, The Phantom Menace doesn't really matter that much. Practically every character in the movie either dies or have a major character transformation. But if you feel like you have to watch that movie, I would probably put it before Attack Of The Clones.

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