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While Andrew Garfield has been our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in recent months, every true Marvel fan has a special place in their heart for Tobey Maguire. The question still isn't settled: who is the better web-slinger?

Tobey brings out the shy, awkward side of Peter Parker, while Andrew gives him a sarcastic and hipster-y flair. Both boys show off Peter's intelligence perfectly, while Andrew is slightly more successful with the ladies.

As Spidey, Maguire is intense and clever, and (in my opinion) slightly more mature than Garfield's version. However, you see a a significant amount of growth in Andrew's portrayal that outshines Tobey a little bit. You get to watch Peter grow up in the Amazing Spiderman movies - in the originals, he's already grown up.

Tobey encapsulates the struggle that mild-mannered Parker goes through on a day-to-day basis, trying to support Aunt May and make it through high school. He is hopeful that as Spider-Man he can make things better, not just for him and Aunt May, but for the whole city.

Andrew brings Peter/Gwen (how should I ship that? Gweter? I'm open to suggestions) to the table, something barely explored in the original, M.J.-centered films. His chemistry with Emma Stone is perfect, making it both fun and intimate. While Tobey and Kirsten are a great couple, Andrew and Emma bring it to a whole new level.

So who gets the title of "Best Spider-Man"? Both guys have a lot in their favor, but if it were up to me, I would give it to Mr. Garfield. But as great of a job he did, he can never top this:


Who was the best Spider-Man?


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