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Blinky Productions is a company I have great love for. I had stubled upon the channel on youtube back in what I think was 2008. I had discovered a bit more about my favorite super hero and just recently learned about fan films. The idea of fan films about my favorite heroes was one I wanted to look into and lo and behold:

I was in awe and looked deeper into the channel. With an already impressive library behind it, I subscribed and followed to this day as he kept with the fan films but soon released his own original work. One of which that stuck out was what could be considered the official "birth" of the series we're looking at today.

Choice was a short film following a struggling actress and her floundering career. She is depressed that she isn't getting more work, or better parts and it's inferred that maybe her agent is telling her to hold tight because she just really isn't in demand.

The depression hits hard, so much so, that she begins drinking and spiraling into a breakdown. So much, that an intervention takes place where she's given a "choice" by a phantom.

Who is this phantom?

Well it's not really a who but more of a what in this context. A phantom in this universe is an ethereal being that comes to people when they come to a cross roads. A big one. They lay out the choices before them and despite their words, they do care about the choice their charges make.

The short is fun to watch and really interesting, conceptually. It came as to no surprise that one of these would be made a regular character in Blinky's super hero web series

This series told the story of a small team of heroes searching for the truth in the death of a homeless woman and her missing baby. All leading up to a conspiracy with a shadowy organization known simply as Retcon.

This series had a lot of promise and the creator/director/writer/general all around guy Chris R. Notarile had opened a fund raising campaign to make more episodes for the series, which unfortunately didn't do great.

The series of course goes strong as part of a universe and we see more with the prequel series

Phantom Faye

This series follows the eponymous Phantom, as she uses her powers not to show there's only one option; as opposed to her sister and main antagonist of the series. She gives people, who are otherwise forlorn, a little bit of hope. Something everyone needs when it gets tough (I don't think she qualifies for a blue lantern ring though).

Faye is at odds with her sister, whom believes in balance above all else and believes Faye is upsetting the natural order. A fight breaks out between the two and soon it evolves into a war. Faye has no choice but to recruit others to her aid and fight against the chaos her sister wishes to bring about.

There are Companions for Faye in the series. Such as Kayla the Centurion, a hero with flight, strength, speed and I'm guessing a few others. The Specialist; a trained to the peak assassin whom makes his own choice in the series and finally, The Avenger; a blue collar cop turned vigilante when the law falls short.

Not to say that Faye's sister doesn't have her own comrades. Especially Madaline Hess, a brilliant scientist and the head of Retcon. Also a shadowy figure whom has the power to take away Faye's?

The series has a fun plot and lends itself well to the world Notarile created for it. It also sets the stage for what comes later in the Retcon chronicles. The only problem I have with it that, despite all it's good, personally it feels like it can only be watched once. There's no desire for a re-watching but that could just be this author's view.

Here's the pilot for Phantom Faye for your guys' enjoyment:

If you guys like it, do a solid and go give some love to the creator and watch the entire series. While also spreading the word so we can get more of the world that was created.


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