ByNicholas Baumgartner, writer at
Avengers and Marvel superheros are my forte, as well as Star Wars and some Star Trek
Nicholas Baumgartner

Many fans are extremely excited for the new Star Wars movie. But just as many are skeptical that the movie will be any good. Most of these fans are recalling the high expectations for Episodes I-III, which were smashed by Jar-Jar Binks (there were other reasons, but Jar-Jar Binks was the biggest issue). The Prequel Trilogy is a subject of constant debate between Star Wars fans, and remains a point of contention to this day. I am one of a small group of Star Wars fans that appreciate the way the Prequels add to the story, but these fans seem to be in the minority. Much of the tension over the new movie is that fans are afraid that it will turn out to be another flop, like the time Phantom Menace was released in 3D (Sorry. That was a low blow). But in my opinion, there is no real reason to be afraid. If the movie ends up like the prequels, it will at least add to the story, if nothing else. According to the newest trailer, though, all doubts are unwarranted. If one trailer can crash the entire Internet, there is no reason to be worried.


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